Promoting your product can be exciting and overwhelming, but it’s an essential part of marketing your product to create buzz and drive more sales.

With a superior ROI to social media and other channels, email marketing is vital to promoting your product upon launch. With email marketing, businesses earn on average $42 for every $1 spent. While email conversion rate benchmarks differ based on industry, there’s a reason why business owners say “the money is in the list.”

Instead of creating launch content on the fly, use proven email marketing strategies to build your product launch email sequence. When you become more confident with selling, you’ll find more opportunities to prime your audience for sales.

To increase your launch conversions, we recommend using tried-and-true product update email templates to guide your strategy.

What is a new product launch email template?

Sending product launch emails to your list will allow you to deepen relationships with your subscribers while purposefully introducing your product. Using a template for these emails ensures you’re using the same on-brand elements to captivate and convert.

You can build anticipation before your launch by creating stand-alone product launch emails or, even better, create a sales funnel with Workflows

When creating this product launch email sequence, it’s best to think about your goals and how you want to structure your product launch.

Do you plan to launch an evergreen product that’s always available for purchase in your shop? You’d want to create a different email sequence than if you were launching your product for a limited time during an open/close launch period. No matter how you structure it, you can use email templates to make the most of your product launch.

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15 types of product launch email templates

Before you create a product launch campaign, it’s best to begin with the end in mind. First, you must consider how many emails you want to send your audience.

If you only send one announcement email on your official launch date, your target audience might miss it. To effectively capture your audience’s attention and increase sales, you’ll need to build a launch email sequence with multiple emails that build hype around your upcoming release. 

You can accomplish this by crafting a new Workflow inside Flodesk, but first, you’ll need to determine which product launch emails you need to create. 

Let’s explore the most creative ways to announce your launch, promote your upcoming product and make money.

New product release emails

As you gear up for your product launch, you’ll need to send a series of emails that build anticipation. In order to get your subscribers excited for your product release, you’ll need to intentionally craft email content that gives a sneak peek into what you’ve been creating. 

1. Product teaser email 

To build more buzz for your product launch, you might want to send teaser email campaigns with a sneak peek or early access to any new features. When you give your audience a teaser, they’ll be able to see what you’ve been working on behind the scenes before your release date.

As you create this teaser email, make sure the sneak peek feels like a major announcement and use an attention-grabbing product launch email subject line. You may also want to include stunning visuals that make your product look irresistible.

You can use this template to show a sneak peek of what’s inside your product or reveal its visual branding for the first time. It’s best to send this email when you want to re-engage your subscribers before your product launch.

Why it works: People love feeling like they have exclusive access to information that’s not available to the public. If they are the first to hear about it, that’s even more enticing. This is why this type of launch email can be so effective.

2. Product release announcement email

Do you want to build buzz a few days before your product launch date? If so, you might want to add a product release announcement email to your launch campaign. This will give your subscribers the opportunity to preview your newest products before they’re available for online purchase.

Whitney from Myrtle, a boutique focused on independent female design, sent a beautifully designed email revealing her newest spring collection the day before her product launch.

By including branded photos and a brief description of each piece, she invites her subscribers to share in the exciting news while giving early access to her collection.

Why it works: Your product release email builds curiosity and anticipation for the big launch, which keeps people coming back to learn more and explore your new product when it launches.

3. Product launch announcement email 

When you are ready to invite your audience to buy your product or register for your event, you’ll want to use a product launch announcement email. You can send this email to your existing customers and subscribers who recently joined your list.

Your product launch announcement email should include an interesting email subject line and content that clearly introduces the product. If this is your first product launch, think about giving a special introductory rate for early bird registration. However, if you’re releasing an updated version of your product, make sure to include any new features in the text of your launch email.

This announcement email must include engaging imagery with bold CTAs that entice your audience to click. Keep the colors on-brand and sprinkle CTA buttons throughout your content. Following these strategies will make this launch email feel like a personal invitation. 

While most product launch announcement emails include a list of benefits and features, it’s best to keep your content concise. It will allow your photography and email design to shine.

Why it works: Your product launch email finally gives subscribers a chance to explore your new product, view the new features or benefits, and get excited about it.

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4. Last chance email 

When wrapping up your product announcement email campaign, it’s smart to end with a last chance email. This is what educator Laylee Emadi did when launching her online shop. By selling merchandise, mini-courses, and other informational products, Laylee was able to entice more subscribers to make a purchase by including a 15% off discount code inside her last chance email.  

Since her audience has already heard about her products throughout the launch email sequence, she decided to keep her content short and sweet. Adding a mockup photo that previews her products acts as a final push for sales. By stating that the shop sale ends that night, she’s also able to increase her product launch sales.

Why it works: This gives your audience the final opportunity to purchase your product, enroll in your program or register for your event. Include urgency and actionable words inside this launch email to move your subscribers to take action.

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Pre-order announcement emails

Are you in the pre-launch stage of creating your product? You have plenty of opportunities to engage your subscribers before your official launch date. Here are a couple of pre-order announcement emails you can send before your product launch email campaign begins.

5. Pre-order email

Pre-order announcement emails are often used by authors, educators, and other content creators to assess an audience’s interest before the product launch.

As a contemporary romance author, Jade Webb has launched multiple stand-alone novels and book series. To capture interest and increase pre-orders for her newest book Deadline for Love, she decided to use a book launch email template. 

In releasing the book cover design, she’s able to turn new followers into loyal fans who can’t wait to read her next book. This could also act as an early access announcement email if Jade’s subscribers get to see the cover design before anyone else.

Why it works: Pre-order emails can help you validate your idea before developing it or building buzz.

6. Waitlist email

What if you haven’t released your product but you still want to attract new leads? We recommend using a waitlist email to gauge interest before you launch. 

If you’ve dreamed of having a long line of customers eagerly anticipating your next launch, this template can help you make this vision a reality. You may want to include a personal note inviting them into the waitlist while briefly describing your product.

This is a smart email marketing strategy if you’re looking to validate a product idea before developing it. The response to your waitlist email helps you determine if your time is best spent on other ideas or if you should continue with your product launch plans.

To create a sense of urgency in your waitlist email, you could reveal how many seats are available or give a special discount to those who are ready to reserve their spot. Including the same information in your subject line could also increase your email open rate

Flodesk email template

If you’re selling a product that is widely available to all, simply use your waitlist email to assess how many people are interested in your product launch. Ideally, this email should be sent before launch day. You can also segment these leads inside your email marketing software so you know who to send more launch updates to.

Why it works: If you haven’t released your product but still want to attract new leads, this email helps you gauge interest and build anticipation among your subscribers.

Future sales emails

If you’re looking to make more sales during your product launch and well after the launch sale has ended, you may want to create these future sales emails. They will help you prime your list for new offers and tailor your sales pitch to each subscriber.

7. Multi-product sale email

Are you hoping to sell multiple products at one time? This usually happens when you decide to launch a brand new website or release a new collection of products.

Sending a multi-product sale email might come in handy when you’re getting ready for a holiday sale or even hoping to re-engage existing customers. If you want to clear out old inventory, sending this kind of product launch email also makes sense.

Since you have multiple products to show off, you’ll need to use an email layout that entices your audience to take action. This can be done by including stunning imagery, writing impactful headlines, and adding CTA buttons to your online shop. 

Flodesk launch email template

When using multi-product ecommerce email templates, use your brand colors to distinguish each product. Keeping a consistent brand color palette helps you design emails that look cohesive with other emails inside your product launch email campaign.

Why it works: Sending a multi-product sale email can help promote a holiday sale or re-engage existing customers. It can also help you clear out excess inventory and boost sales.

8. Soft sell email 

In a soft sell email, you will lead with educational or entertaining content before introducing your product. This gives you an opportunity to build trust and stronger relationships with your audience while making your sales pitch the second priority.

In this launch email example from Tori of Her First $100k, you’ll notice she features a helpful blog article on the topic of quitting your job. This article directly relates to her bestselling Job Interview Package offer.

She’s then able to point her audience toward the offer by including a sales page link in her P.S. note at the bottom of the launch email. You can follow the same launch email sequence strategy by adding a P.S. note in your educational emails.

Why it works: A soft sell email builds trust and authority by providing valuable content. When your subscribers trust you, they’ll be more comfortable purchasing from you.

9. Hard sell email

When you’re ready to ask for the sale, you’ll want to lead with a hard sell email. Product launch announcement emails that incorporate hard-selling tactics lead with the sales pitch. In this email, it’s best to talk about the product’s benefits to make the offer more compelling.

Joi of Joi Knows How shows how this can be accomplished in her launch email example. To sell more seats in her group coaching program, Joi included five benefits of working with her.

The gradient background in her header is consistent with the background colors of each section, helping her create a stunning email design. We also like her informational subject line which reads “5 reasons to work with a multi-passionate mentor.”

Why it works: Hard sell emails are straightforward about selling to you, but they promote the benefits of the product or service and tie those benefits into their subscribers’ pain points, creating a compelling case to buy.

10. Upsell email

To increase the average purchase from your online shop, you may want to include additional offers during your product launch. It’s one of the easiest ways to increase your conversions and bottom line at the same time.

Creators often use upsell offers and add-ons to sweeten the deal. For example, if you’re selling a course, it may be helpful to offer a bundle of templates that would help prospective customers put their knowledge into action.

When creating this announcement email template, it’s important to transparently display your prices so buyers know what to expect. It’s even better if you can give your subscribers a marked-down price or show that the monetary value of each add-on is far more than its cost.

Flodesk sales email template

You may also want to add a testimonial from a past customer who found success with your product. If this is your first product launch, you may want to send a beta announcement email and grab testimonials from your beta customers.

Why it works: Upsell emails sweeten the deal by offering add-ons that can make their subscribers’ lives easier, make doing something simpler, and so on. They’re an easy way to increase conversions and the bottom line at the same time.

11. Sitewide discount email 

Do you want to make any day feel like launch day? If so, you can offer a sitewide discount in your product launch email sequence. If you’re a new business owner, it could be smart to include a sitewide discount when you create a website announcement email.

In between launching new products, Hair for the Girls gives new subscribers a sitewide discount code they can use on any products currently in their shop. The email clearly states when the offer expires and how it applies to the entire site.

Instead of featuring different products in this launch email, the brand includes lifestyle imagery of women with different hairstyles and textures. This showcases the versatility of their products while inviting subscribers to visit their site for more information.

Why it works: Reward loyal subscribers and boost sales by offering a sitewide discount. Everyone loves a good deal, especially when there aren’t restrictions.

12. Discount code reminder email 

Once you’ve sent a discount code to your subscriber, you’ll want to follow up with those who haven’t made a purchase yet. That way, they won’t forget about your special offer, giving you a better chance of increasing conversions.

Following Go to Bed’s example, you can send the discount code reminder email after someone joins your email list. It can also be sent during a promotional product launch or triggered if someone has left something in their shopping cart. Like Go to Bed, it’s good to include product photos with a simple call to action. 

Go to Bed also includes the same phrasing of “About that discount I promised…” in their header and email subject line. This keeps their messaging consistent, a strategy that can be used in future sales emails.

Why it works: When you send a discount reminder email, you remind subscribers that they have the equivalent of free money just sitting around waiting to be used. No one wants to waste that and it’s a friendly reminder they’ll appreciate.

Event announcement emails

To make sure your upcoming event is well-attended, you’ll want to send an event announcement email that says what the event is about and why your audience shouldn’t miss it. 

13. Upcoming event email 

Do you have an upcoming event that you’d like to promote? To increase event registrations and share the exciting news, you may want to send an event announcement email to your subscribers. This is true for both in-person and online events.

To begin, you’ll need to choose an official launch date for any upcoming events. Then, you’ll be able to create an event announcement email that describes what your event is about, when it is and how they can sign up.

An event announcement email could help you attract leads for…

  • Live or evergreen webinars
  • Virtual summits
  • Conferences 
  • In-person retreats
  • Online workshops 
  • Grand openings

Make sure to include a call-to-action (CTA) button that directs your audience to your registration page. The date and time of your event should also be clearly visible. 

Flodesk launch email template

You may want to use this template when hosting a free webinar with limited seating, or hosting a paid event that features your product. No matter which route you take, it’s the best way to talk about your upcoming event before launch day.

Why it works: Build anticipation and get subscribers excited about your upcoming event. By giving them the details and emailing in advance, you give them a chance to plan and get excited about your event.

Product feature emails 

Have you already launched your product but you’re looking to add a new feature? As you add more value to your product, let’s create more hype with a new feature announcement email. 

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14. New feature announcement email

When you add a new feature to your course, software platform, or another product, you may want to send a new feature announcement email to new and existing subscribers. In this concisely written email, you’ll fully explain the benefits of this new feature and why you’re excited to launch it.

After launching a new set of tool integrations, Arist wanted their subscribers to understand the new capabilities of their platform. By adding a simple call-to-action of scheduling a product demo at the end of the email, Arist is able to re-engage subscribers by giving them a new reason to check out their tool. 

A new feature announcement email can be an effective way to convert new customers or delight existing customers who already love your tool. Make sure your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed by sending an email that summarizes your new product features.

Why it works: These kinds of email help users better understand your product and how to get the most value out of it. You’re helping them, which is always appreciated.

Beta launch emails 

If you want to launch your offer to a small segment of your audience, you may want to send a beta announcement email. This will allow you to test your offer’s effectiveness and resolve any issues before your big launch day. Keep reading to learn more.

15. Beta announcement email

A beta announcement email will make your audience feel like an exclusive member of your list because you’re giving them a special offer that’s not widely available. 

This email will invite subscribers to reserve their spot depending on how many seats you want to open. You might want to consider including a special offer for the first few people who purchase. This is the big reveal, so make it count!

Flodesk thank you email template

No matter what you’re launching, a beta announcement email will help you make the most of early buzz for your product launch. You’ll also have the unique opportunity of collecting testimonials from beta customers which will be beneficial when you create your product launch sales page.

Why it works: Beta announcement emails make your audience feel like an exclusive member of your list because you’re giving them a special offer that’s not widely available. 

Creating your first product launch email sequence 

We want to make it easy to create your product launch email campaigns. No matter what kind of product, service or event you’re offering, you can promote it by customizing our Flodesk email templates.

Once you design your email, all you need to do is add an email subject line and create a Workflow that automatically sends all of your launch emails. Simply set it up once and let it run on its own so you can make money while you sleep.

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