If you’ve sent out email marketing content before, chances are you’ve probably put together an announcement email, even if you didn’t realize it at the time. After all, one of the biggest reasons why businesses get in touch with their subscribers is to tell them about new and exciting updates—and that’s exactly what announcement emails do.

An announcement email is a kind of email marketing message that businesses send out to inform their new subscribers and loyal customers about exciting news, updates, or changes.

If you want to create your own announcement email, look no further. This article will provide you with some fantastic examples to inspire your own announcement email template, top tips, and best practices to implement right away. Let’s get started.

What is the goal of an announcement email?

The goal of an announcement email is simple: to share exciting, business-related news with email subscribers. Here are some of the most popular types:

Announcement emails are great for businesses and their customers. They result in more conversions, better sales, and higher event participation rates for companies—all while delighting customers with hyper-relevant, valuable content. 

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11 email announcement templates and examples

There are a number of ways your business can use announcements to encourage engagement on your website and socials. But since customer conversion and improving sales is often the main objective, we’re going to focus on announcement types to inspire your marketing efforts.

1. New podcast episode announcement

The There She Rose podcast is hosted by The Rising Wolf, Jamie Sea. She’s an influencer, thought leader, and wealth expansion coach who’s passionate about helping mompreneurs regain their financial power—with her signature High Vibe Money Mama framework alongside other dynamic strategies.

We love the way Jamie shares her new podcast episodes with her subscriber list. She puts together simple yet captivating announcement emails that tell the reader a little bit about the episode contents, and provides direct links for her audience to listen on a variety of different platforms—like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

New podcast announcement tips

  • Focus on your content: Rather than overwhelming the reader with bright colors, flashy media, and overlapping graphics, keep things streamlined and let your work speak for itself.
  • Show your face: A podcast’s success is highly reliant on how much the target audience likes the host. Generally speaking, audiences like seeing other humans in marketing content as it makes the message seem more personal and relatable. That’s why you should try including an image of yourself in your podcast announcement.
  • Make it easy for your subscribers to listen to your podcast: You can put together the most gorgeous announcement email in the world, but if you don’t make it easy for readers to take action, it won’t be successful. Make sure to include clear links to different podcast platforms where readers can tune in.

2. New style announcement

Sigfús Designs is a jewelry brand based in the Sonoran Desert, but it’s sold all over the world. Business owner and designer Lauren Valenzuela loves creating unique jewelry pieces that are equal parts desert, punk, and retro.

Sigfús Designs frequently launches new earring styles and Lauren has done a great job of putting together a new style announcement email that complements her designs perfectly. Its clean, minimal layout acts as an ideal canvas to let her vibrant earrings shine.

New style announcement tips

  • Include lots of visuals: Whether you’re showing your customers new clothing, earrings, or accessory styles for the first time—let your images do the talking.
  • Share essential details: Don’t just tell your subscribers that you’re launching new styles—outline all the essential details they should know, like when they’ll be available and for how long.

3. New collection announcement

RJ Home is a vintage and handmade market, based in Earlham, Iowa. They release thematic collections every month, so they’re always sharing their latest finds with their customers.

RJ Home uses the power of an announcement email to its advantage. Since their new collection drops are monthly, they send out messages to remind their subscribers about the launch date and to build hype.

New collection announcement tips

  • Get specific: Whether you’re a clothing designer launching new spring pieces or a home store owner sharing information about your seasonal collection, your announcement email isn’t the time to be vague. Tell your customers exactly when they can shop your new collection. RJ Home’s email specifies that the collection drops that very same day at 9am.

Tease your collection: Your announcement email should give subscribers an idea of what your collection will contain. RJ Home does this by selecting a subtle background image that shows off some of their new items, while providing hints in their email copy.

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4. New merch announcement

Her First $100K is owned and operated by Tori Dunlap, a money and career expert and financial educator who is passionate about helping women to achieve financial equality. 

Tori has fantastic email marketing content and she relies on it to share information about everything from educational resources to success stories and her podcast. We particularly love how she announced the launch of her new merch line to her subscribers.

New merch announcement tips

  • Craft an eye-catching tagline: Subject lines are important for getting subscribers to open your emails, but the work doesn’t end there. It’s just as crucial to grab their attention as soon as they lay eyes on your email design, encouraging them to read on. One effective way of doing that is with a powerful tagline like Her First 100K’s: “The secret is out, y’all.”
  • Showcase your best product: If your merch line includes a whole range of different items like t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, and stickers, then prominently feature the items you think will sell best.

5. New recipe announcement

Buttermilk is a baking blog that provides readers with innovative, unique, and delicious recipes they can replicate in their own homes. They’ve got categories for everything from bars to bread and buttercream.

Buttermilk has a strong social media and email marketing presence and sends out an announcement email whenever it comes out with a new recipe. Their descriptive messaging gets their subscriber base excited to try out their latest creations.

New recipe announcement tips

  • A picture’s worth a thousand words: Images are essential to excellent email marketing content, but they’re even more important for new recipe announcement emails. Take Buttermilk’s email for example—the mouth-watering images instantly draw you in, making you want to bake (and eat) them.
  • Include clear CTAs: Both of Buttermilk’s featured recipes have simple yet effective “bake it” CTA buttons. These make it easy for subscribers to access the content they’re most interested in.
  • Add additional internal links: If you’re letting subscribers know about a new recipe, chances are they’ll be interested in checking out your other treats as well. Here, Buttermilk included two recipes and a tutorial, giving readers plenty of opportunities for engagement.

6. Product launch announcement email

Burgess Sweaters is a sustainable, luxury knitwear and clothing brand based in Newport, Rhode Island. They were founded in 2017 and design timeless essentials that are inspired by coastal living.

This brand has optimized its marketing messaging to connect with its target audience and its product launch announcement emails are no different. We’re big fans of their warm and relaxed tone, on-brand imagery, and how they effortlessly showcase their coastal designs.

Product launch announcement tips

  • Tell subscribers what’s so special about your new release: Remember, you may know your business’s products inside and out, but that doesn’t mean your customers do—especially if they’re new offerings. Be sure to highlight all the best features and benefits of your new product in your announcement email. 
  • Connect with your customers’ senses: When someone’s buying a new product, they may imagine how it’ll fit into their lives and improve their day-to-day. Burgess Sweaters does so masterfully. They showcase their model looking comfortable and stylish by the seaside, which is exactly how their clothing is designed to be worn.

7. Upcoming event announcement

‘Cause We Can Events is a wedding planning and design service based in both Nashville and Maine. They specialize in events that are unconventional, memorable, and outside the box. 

But the ‘Cause We Can Events team does a lot more than just wedding planning—they also host online events for their customers and community. For example, they recently did a presentation called “Using Pinterest for Event Design & Trends for the Wedding Summit Series: Design Edition,” and sent out the event invitation email in the example above.

Upcoming event announcement tips

  • Provide an agenda (for online events): If you’re using an announcement email to inform readers about an online event, include an agenda that outlines exactly what your presentation will cover.
  • Feature an easily shareable graphic: When you’re announcing an upcoming event, you’ll want people to share the event details with their networks to expand your reach and increase attendance. A great way to do that is by creating a punchy, eye-catching graphic that showcases your branding and includes all the most important information about your event. 

Pro tip: Flodesk’s intuitive email builder makes it easy to create beautiful graphics without the need for third-party design tools like Canva. You can create custom designs and imagery right within the email builder in just a few clicks. Try it free.

8. New promotion announcement email

HAUME is a lifestyle brand that’s dedicated to helping individuals turn their homes into sanctuaries. HAUME Founder and Creative Director, Antionette, uses email marketing to promote her latest launches and achieve sold-out sales with ease.

One of the most common reasons why businesses send out announcement emails is to let customers know about a new sale, promotion, or deal. And no matter the industry you’re in, HAUME’s announcement email provides a great example of what you should do when you’re sending out your own.

New promotion announcement tips

  • Keep your copy short and sweet: Your subscribers’ inboxes are likely full of emails. Make sure yours stands out with captivating copy that delivers value and gets your point across straight away. 
  • Use consistent branding: It can be tempting to switch up your email design, colors, and fonts when you’re announcing a new promotion, but it’s best to stick to your brand identity to ensure your emails are instantly recognizable.

Make it easy for customers to start shopping: Whatever kind of sale you’re announcing, customers should be able to add items to their cart or access your offers right away. HAUME does this by including a clear “shop now” CTA button and specifying their FRIENDSHIP” discount code.

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9. Sale announcement email 

Fish & Family Seafoods is a family-owned business that harvests wild seafood and sells it both online and to local fish markets and restaurants. They’re well-known for their sustainable fishing practices, top-quality products and processing techniques, and excellent customer service.

Fish & Family Seafoods only opens up their online shop to the general public a few times per year, and we think they did a great job with the email announcing their summer king salmon sale above. Their messaging is the perfect combination of informative, engaging, and on-brand.

Sale announcement tips

  • Tell the reader everything they need to know: If you’re using an email to announce an upcoming sale to your subscribers, make sure you get specific and include all the details they need to know.
  • Build excitement and intrigue: Launching a new sale is something to get excited about, so make sure your subscribers feel that way too. Fish & Family Seafoods achieves that with taglines like “It’s that time of year again!” and “Are you ready for this?”
  • Include a captivating image that helps the reader immediately recognize your brand: People get plenty of sale emails—stand out from the crowd with excellent imagery that showcases what your brand is all about. 

Announcement email examples—with templates you can copy

10. New business announcement

A new business announcement is a great way for customers to stay up-to-date with your company’s growth—whether you’re launching a new sub-brand or business location. 

You can typically share this type of announcement with your existing customer base—those who have already shown interest in your brand and made a purchase. Because they’ve already invested in your brand, news of your company’s growth is relevant to them and they’re more likely to engage with your email. A new business announcement helps keep your business top of mind while providing news updates on your company’s expansion and growth. 

A good example of this announcement type could be a company sending out an email about a new business location to its customers. Here’s an example: 

Subject: Now open in [location name]

Preview: Exciting news! We’re growing…

Body copy:

[Name of customer], we’ve got some exciting news!

We’ve recently opened a new location in [location of new venue]. This adds to our locations at [location name] and [location name], which have continued to grow thanks to our community. We’re so excited and humbled to be opening a new location in your area, and we can’t wait to see you in the shop.

As a special ‘thanks’ for your support, we’re offering a limited-time discount of [X]% for anyone who shops at this store location between now and [Date].

Thanks for being a part of the [Brand name] community. You’re support means the world to us, and we hope to see you in the store soon!

[Sign off with company name]

New business announcement tips

  • Offer an incentive through CTAs: Incentives are beneficial to new business announcement emails. They motivate and encourage your audience to take action quickly. 
  • Promote other aspects of the business: Just like in this example above (which lists the other business locations the reader can shop at) if there are other services, products, or venues that can be cross-promoted in your email, then include them. There’s no harm in reminding existing customers—and new followers—what you have to offer.
  • Keep it short: Be intentional about the length of yourbusiness announcement email. Keep emails compelling, yet concise to ensure you maintain readers’ attention. 

Perhaps your new business venture has a stunning new website, too. Here are our tips on crafting the perfect new website announcement email

11. New feature announcement

New feature releases can be exciting for your existing customers, and a new feature announcement email is an opportunity to engage with and activate them. Whether your customers are on a free or paid plan, announcing a new feature or product update email can help drive product adoption and boost conversions. 

These announcements not only improve your brand value for customers, they also can delight prospects and encourage them to sign up or upgrade for access to the features. For many digital tech or SaaS businesses, where product iterations and updates are ongoing, new feature announcements are a common type of email to send out. With that in mind, here’s a great email for a new feature announcement:

Subject: [company/platform name] just got better!

Preview:  Check out our newest product feature

Body copy:

What if your [platform name] was equipped to complete [new feature task]? That would revolutionize work as we know it, wouldn’t it? [New feature name] is here—and it can [feature benefit]. 

At [company name], we design tools that grow alongside you. Our new [feature name] is a game-changer for the industry and we can’t wait to see how it helps you grow your business this year. 

Ready to get started? Try our latest feature and see the world of difference it makes for you. 

[Try it now]

Excited for it all,

[Sign off from company]

New feature announcement tips

  • Re-engage inactive customers: Some customers might not be using all of your product’s features. New feature announcements can help re-engage customers with your product or bring back churned customers who left because it lacked certain features. 
  • Excite the right audiences: Consider what benefits your customer will gain from this new feature release. Will it make some customers happier than others? Segment your audience to deliver a hyper-relevant announcement and maximize the impact of your launch.
  • Include a direct CTA to try the new feature: Make sure you include a CTA that takes the customer directly to this new feature for instant engagement and product adoption. 

Grab attention with great announcement email templates

Businesses of all shapes and sizes need announcement emails. They’re handy for sharing exciting company news and updates about everything from new product launches to upcoming promotions.

Even better, it’s easy to send out timely email marketing content once you’ve put together an announcement email template you love and can use on repeat. An email template builder can help you get started with beautiful, high-converting email designs that simply need your branding and a little customization before each email gets sent.

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FAQs about announcement emails

What is an announcement email?

An announcement email is an email marketing message that informs subscribers about business news. They normally focus on exciting information that’s new or updated. Here are some of the most common examples:

  • New business announcements
  • Software product launches
  • New feature releases
  • Sales or promotional announcements
  • New product launches
  • Event or webinar announcements
  • Staff or employee announcements

Sending out stunning, impactful announcement emails is a breeze when you use beautiful, intuitive platforms like Flodesk. Try it free. 

How do you write an announcement email?

There’s no one way to write an announcement email, but including the following key elements will get you off to a great start:

  • Write an intriguing subject line: With an optimized subject line, you can tease your announcement and encourage subscribers to open your email to learn more.
  • Choose powerful imagery: Help the reader understand the value of your announcement by using high-quality images in your product launch announcement emails.
  • Include a brief introduction: This provides context and relevant details about your announcement without distracting too much from your core content.
  • Deliver value: Since announcement emails are often sales-focused, it’s a good idea to give back to your subscribers and “sweeten the deal” a little bit. For example, if you’re announcing an upcoming sale, give your contacts exclusive access 24 hours before it opens up to the public.
  • Design one CTA and place it strategically: For instance, include a CTA button after your introduction and at the conclusion of your newsletter, as well as somewhere in the main body of text.

Remember, all announcement emails should focus on one topic and their content should be tailored to get the reader to take a certain action. Keep them short, sweet, and to the point.

How do you start an announcement email?

There are countless ways to start an announcement email, but most of the time you can start  similarly to your other email marketing content. Here are the key elements you should include at the beginning of your announcement emails:

  • A captivating subject line that teases your announcement
  • A gorgeous, recognizable banner that’s consistent with your branding
  • A brief introduction
  • A high-quality, powerful image that showcases whatever you’re announcing to your subscribers