An event’s success is often determined by who was in attendance.

The secret to hosting a memorable event​—the kind of event people talk about long after it’s ended—is in creating a powerful event marketing strategy to get guests there in the first place.

First, you’ll need to determine who the event is perfect for and how you can reach them. Only then can you entice them to excitedly RSVP.

Since 78% of event creators say email marketing is their most effective marketing tactic, creating invitation emails can help you boost your event marketing efforts. 

Filling seats for your event is easier when you already have access to a community of ideal attendees.

If you’re ready to unveil your event and build excitement through email marketing, let’s talk about what you need to create event invitation emails.

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What are event invitation emails? 

An event invitation email is used to build buzz around your event and increase registrations. 

The best event emails lead with clarity, making it easy for subscribers to immediately grasp what the event is about and if it’s a good fit for them.

In order to create a high-converting invitation email, you’ll need to:

  • Create excitement through your event invitation subject lines
  • Include exclusive content that’s only for your subscribers
  • Sweeten the offer with freebies, special discounts and more
  • Strengthen your main call-to-action with action-oriented language
  • Lead people to your registration form so they know where to sign up

Before you send the email invitation to your subscribers, let’s cover the essential elements you’ll need to include in more depth.

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How to write a good event invitation email

To create the perfect event invitation email, you’ll need to thoughtfully write, design and create an email with the right information. 

To ensure you don’t overwhelm your target audience, follow these best practices before checking out the examples of event invitation success.

Grab attention with a juicy email subject line

Your subject line is the first thing your subscriber will see, so it must be clear and intriguing. 

When you’re creating personalized emails, think about including the subscriber’s name in the subject line or adding an emoji for more personality. 

A subject line should invite your audience to explore what’s inside the email and entice them to click.

Key Takeaway: To write a concise subject line, pack a lot of value while only using a few words.

Write the email body content

Once someone opens your invitation emails, it’s important for you to lead with engaging email body content. 

To make your event invitation email stand out, include a clear value proposition. Your subscribers should know exactly what makes your event special and why it can’t be missed after reading your email. 

Key Takeaway: Craft your body content so it summarizes everything your subscriber needs to know before registering for your event.

Add visual appeal

Without an interesting email design, your event invitation email could seem lackluster. If you’re starting with a blank email, use graphics or photographs as the focal point of your email invitations. 

You can also create branded email invitations in Flodesk by customizing your brand color palette, selecting from specialty fonts and designing eye-catching graphics using Layouts right within the email builder.

Key Takeaway: Your email design needs to be as engaging as your written content.

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Include a personal event invitation 

Much like birthday or dinner party event invitations, you’ll want to add a personal touch to show how much you’d like for someone to attend. 

This can include a full list of scheduled events, a recommendation from past attendees or a personal story. Like any personal invitation, be sure to sign your name at the bottom.

Key Takeaway: Humanize your email invitation by adding a personalized pitch as to why someone should attend your event.

20 email invitation examples to promote your next event

Before you create your event email invitation, it might be helpful to look at event invitation email examples from other creatives. 

If you’re not sure where to start, these beautifully designed email examples will fuel your inspiration.

Boost your event email marketing with these following examples: 

  1. Early-bird registration email
  2. Upcoming webinar invitation email
  3. Free masterclass email
  4. Virtual meetup email
  5. Retreat invitation email
  6. Live class invitation email
  7. Workshop email
  8. Cohort email
  9. Multiple event email
  10. Event testimonial email
  11. Personal invitation email
  12. Event giveaway email 
  13. Live summit email
  14. Event registration email
  15. Free ticket email
  16. Save your seat email
  17. Business event email
  18. Networking invitation email
  19. Panel discussion email
  20. Event challenge email

1. Early-bird registration email

To reward subscribers for staying subscribed to your email list, why not offer them the opportunity to register for your event early?

Sending an early-bird registration email will make your subscribers feel like they have early access to your best events. You could even offer a special early-bird rate for the first set of people who register for your upcoming event.

By collecting early-bird registrations, you’ll be able to gauge your audience’s interest in your event. Indy’s Black Ballerinas did this when inviting people to sign up for the next round of classes in their enrichment program. With a simple event invitation and a clickable sign-up link, they enticed more subscribers to register for their program.

2. Upcoming webinar invitation email

Before you launch a new product or service, you may want to host an educational webinar to prime your audience. Webinars are one of the most common online events for businesses who want to give value before giving further information about their course, book or other offer.

As you create your event invitation email, it’s important to decide whether you’ll host a live webinar or pre-record your presentation. You may also want to offer a recording after the event for those who can’t attend live.

LaShonda Brown recently hosted a webinar that gave a behind-the-scenes look into her quarterly growth on YouTube. Subscribers who are interested in learning more about making passive income will take full advantage of this webinar invite. Before hosting your own webinar, try to choose a topic that’s relevant to your offer and fits your expertise.

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3. Free masterclass email

Much like a webinar, a masterclass is typically offered as a way to build stronger relationships with your email subscribers. Some free masterclasses lead to a paid offer, while others are simply used for audience building.

If growing your list with quality leads is one of your top priorities, you may want to host a free masterclass. When creating your event invitation email, be sure to include the date and time of the masterclass along with an interesting title that makes people want to sign up.

To inform attendees of her upcoming masterclass, Ashley Beaudin sent an event invitation email to her list. It included event details like who it was a fit for and exactly what she’d be covering in the masterclass. Be sure to include similar information and set expectations in your event invitation.

4. Virtual meetup email 

No matter where your business is located, you can host a virtual meetup for subscribers to attend from anywhere in the world. With a virtual meetup invite, even the most casual pajamas can pass the dress code. 

Virtual meetups are a great way for your community members to meet you and form relationships with each other. In your email invitations, it’s best to include which topics you’ll discuss or any activities you’ll do together. Virtual meetups work best when everyone who attends has a shared interest.

During a COVID-19 quarantine, Justine Hwang was inspired to host a virtual meetup where attendees could practice their lettering skills while using their voice for social change. As you craft your own announcement email template, be sure to design it for mobile users and use eye-catching graphics like Justine.

5. Retreat invitation email 

When you send event invitation emails under a company name, it’s crucial for them to feel personalized and genuine. This is especially important when you are inviting subscribers to sign up for a retreat.

Whether it’s an in-person retreat or hosted online, your event invitation must capture the attention of potential attendees and give them a reason to sign up. If it’s a multiple-day event, create an event invitation that describes the exciting details of each day. 

What sounds dreamier than a visual journaling retreat in the beautiful hills of France? When hosting an in-person retreat, Meera Lee Patel opened up event registrations to her subscribers first. To make your event invitation feel more personal, follow Meera’s great example and write the email as if you were drafting a letter to a friend.

6. Live class invitation email

If you want to host a live class, you can choose any nearby location based on the amount of seats you want to sell. In your event announcement email, include the date and time of your live class along with how many spots are still available. This may also urge more people to sign up for your event before it fills up.

To create an effective event invitation email for your live class, don’t forget to create a personalized subject line. Before someone opens your email invitation, they’ll already know it’s a perfect fit for them based on the engaging subject line.

Since Dance From Home offers a variety of in-studio and on-demand dance classes, it’s important for them to be specific in their subject lines and segment their list. That way, they’re only sending in-studio event invitations to subscribers who are local to the NYC area. You may also want to send a reminder email before the event so attendees don’t forget to attend.

To learn how to segment your list based on subscriber demographics like location, check out 3 New Ways to Hyper-Personalize Your Email Marketing with Flodesk Forms.

7. Workshop email 

Instead of hosting a one-time event, what if you want to host weekly workshops? No matter what niche you’re in, workshops provide an opportunity for your audience to gain clarity and learn something new while taking action on something.

By completing a series of exercises, activities and prompts, your workshop may inspire attendees to invest in your high-ticket offer. Think of workshops as an affordable way to give a small taste of what it’s like to work with you. Usually held in a group setting, workshops also help attendees make long-lasting connections with one another.

To inspire self-reflection and build community, Amber Rae hosted a live 10-week workshop series to help participants explore their creativity in a safe space. Instead of trying to sell as many spots as possible, you may want to follow Amber’s example and spend more time cultivating an intimate community instead.

8. Cohort email 

There’s power in gathering a group of people who are working toward common goals. Much like a workshop, a live cohort gives attendees the opportunity to learn alongside other individuals. Functioning like a study group, a live cohort combines the best of personal growth and team collaboration.

While cohorts are often paid events, you may want to offer a limited number of seats for free like Dubsado. By hosting a live study group, Dubsado has been able to re-engage existing customers while teaching new customers how to use their tool. Inspired by this invitation email example, you can include an online community, live videos and extra content to add even more value.

9. Multiple event email 

If you are hosting multiple events at the same time, you could announce all of them in your next event email template. In the future, you may want to create a dedicated email invitation for each event, but you don’t have to wait to send these party invitation emails.

Ira Briones wanted to feature a panel discussion and another live masterclass they’re hosting in one email. To accomplish this, Ira created different call-to-action sections with separate buttons. This is the best way to increase click-through rates without creating confusion.

10. Event testimonial email

Since 83% of people trust reviews over advertising, it’s smart to add social proof to your event invitation email. Instead of saying why you think the event is a great fit for subscribers, let your past attendees do the talking for you.

To create a better invitation email, include a photo of the customer along with their star rating and a short testimonial. The key takeaway from this invitation email example is to lead with your attendee’s experience rather than your sales pitch.

11. Personal invitation email

When in doubt, make your event announcement email feel like a personal invitation. To personally invite someone to your event, you may want to include their name, add a personal story and share how this event is tailored to them. Instead of leading with your company name, sign your email with your own name so it feels like a letter.

As a coach, Rachel Turner relies on email marketing to create personal connections with her leads and clients. By including a relatable photo and including a detailed testimonial from a past client, this invitation email sample feels like it was crafted with care. Make sure to humanize your invitation emails before you send them.

12. Event giveaway email

To increase event attendance, you may want to include a giveaway when you unveil the event name inside your next event invitation email. What better way to encourage email subscribers to sign up for your upcoming event than to enter them in a drawing for great prizes and freebies?

During her Instagram Live interview series, RuthAnn of R Artspace decided to give away a free Canva template from her shop to one winner. This is a smart way to increase event registrations without adding more work to her plate since she’s giving away an existing product. What kind of giveaway could you host for your next event?

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13. Live summit email

Have you been asked to be a part of a live summit? Live summits can help you grow your email list and increase your reach. During this major business event, you’ll want to send an event invitation email to invite subscribers to sign up for the live summit.

By taking part in a live summit, Gabby Pinkerton was able to increase event registrations by highlighting all of the summit speakers. You might also want to include a full schedule of the upcoming events so your subscribers can determine which presentations they want to attend.

14. Event registration email

When you’re ready to reveal your event name and invite subscribers to sign up, you may want to send a dedicated event registration email. This event invitation email’s only job is to introduce your event and lead people to a call-to-action. Make sure to include your company name, event name and an engaging subject line.

You can send this same email invitation template as an event reminder if you’re at the end of your email series. To entice more readers to sign up, write a summary of what the event is about, what key takeaway they’ll walk away with and how the event will benefit them.

15. Free ticket email

To make subscribers more excited about attending your event, you may want to offer a free ticket. This strategy works well if you’re selling tickets to a popular event or offering limited seats to an event. Simply using a phrase like “free ticket” will strengthen your email copywriting because subscribers may perceive it as a special offer that’s only available to them. 

In the following event invitation example, Laylee Emadi uses a call-to-action button that says “grab your free ticket” that feels more enticing than “register here,” for example. Keep this in mind when you create your event invitation.

16. Save your seat email

As we talk about improving your event email copywriting, you may want to consider using a phrase like “save your seat.” This is another way to entice your audience to sign up for your event. It creates more urgency and intrigue which may cause more subscribers to check out your event.

In hosting a free online workshop, Csilla Muscan is able to share practical advice and introduce her methodology to ideal clients before they book her services. By asking email subscribers to save their seat, she’s able to gauge how many people will attend her event. Invitation emails like this can help you make the best use of your time as a busy entrepreneur.

17. Business event email 

If your business is known for hosting multiple events, it might be worth it to create an events directory page on your website. Then, you can use email marketing to introduce these upcoming events. A business event invitation email can also serve as a reminder email for people who may have previously heard about your event but forgot to sign up.

Like The Collective Co., you may want to include a link to all upcoming business events in your invitation emails so subscribers know exactly where to find this information. Not only will you drive traffic to your website, but you’ll also increase event registrations.

18. Networking invitation email

If the goal of your event is to simply build connections and explore networking opportunities, you may want to create a networking event invitation email. This invitation email can be used to engage with new subscribers while introducing them to your tight-knit online community. This kind of networking event is typically for community-driven brands.

Like the leaders of the InHerShoes Movement, you may want to include a screenshot of your last Zoom meetup call. This engaging visual invitation could entice more people to join the conversation if you’re interested in actively networking with more of your subscribers.

19. Panel discussion email

Instead of listening to one presenter, event attendees can hear from a diverse group of people during a panel discussion. In this type of event invitation email, you’ll be able to share what your subscribers can gain from listening to multiple perspectives.

To celebrate Disability Pride Month, Natalie Franke collaborated with other business owners to host a panel discussion on small business ownership and disability. This provided a great educational opportunity for subscribers who want to learn more about this subject. It’s even better to show a photo of the panelists and include their title so your audience understands why they were selected to speak.

20. Event challenge email

Are you looking for a way to re-engage cold subscribers? An event challenge could be a great way to encourage more activity! In your event invitation email, you must include the event name, duration and time commitment. That way, your subscribers know how to participate in your event and if it’s a good fit for them currently.

In this invitation email sample, Mindy Larsen shared why subscribers should join her week-long Instagram challenge. With unique daily prompts and clear instructions, her invitation email gives all of the information needed to join in. You could even include a special hashtag for participants who want to post about their event challenge progress on social media.

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