Product based business email examples

Here’s a fact: You could build the most innovative product in the world, but if you don’t tell anyone about it, you won’t make any sales! 

Product launch emails are a perfect way to announce new products, features, upcoming releases, product launch dates and more to your customers. These emails communicate the value of your product and persuade customers to take the desired action, such as pre-ordering the product. 

And it all starts with your email subject line. About 47% of recipients decide to open emails because of the subject lines. But 69% of email recipients will also report an email as spam based solely on the subject line. So, it’s a do-it-right or end-up-in-spam situation. 

That’s why it’s so important to craft attention-grabbing subject lines to drive healthy open rates.

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What makes a great product launch email subject line?

Whether you are announcing a new product, feature, pre-order sales or launching a brand new event, the overall goal is the same. First, you want to get readers to open your email and then follow through on the call-to-action. The subject line determines if they do the first part. 

But different types of product launch emails require different approaches to be effective. Below are insights into what makes for an effective subject line for different types of product launch emails. 

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New product launch announcement emails 

Subject lines for new product launch emails should build excitement about and interest in the product. The subject line should immediately communicate the value of the product and why customers should care. 

Here are some examples:

  • Apple: The new iPad Pro. Supercharged by the Apple M1 chip. Now available.
  • Vybes: Ginger Lemonade is here
  • Grilli Type: Introducing Grilli Kiosk!

New features/product enhancement emails

When announcing new features or improvements to your product, your subject line should convey the excitement and benefit of the feature to your customers. Instead of making it about you, make it about the customer. For example, instead of saying “We’ve introduced automation,” try “Save time with our new automation feature.”

Here are some examples: 

  • Anchor: Introducing a new way to create, with all the music you love
  • Bloomscape: New Twists on Classic Favorites
  • Outer: We’ve reinvented the outdoor sofa.

Pre-order emails

With pre-order emails, your goal is to make sales. The email subject line should communicate scarcity and urgency. Subject lines that create a sense of urgency and exclusivity can boost open rates by 22%. Make customers understand what they would miss out on if they do not preorder—nearly 69% of millennials experience the fear of missing out (FOMO). For social media users, the number’s at 56%. That’s a lot of people.

Here are some examples of pre-order email subject lines:

  • The Bitter Southerner: The most beautiful BS book yet. Pre-order FAMILIAR.
  • Apple: iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max will be here soon. Get ready for pre-order today.
  • Sonos: Your exclusive invitation to preorder

Event emails

Event launch/announcement subject lines should build hype and anticipation for the event. Find ways to get your customers excited by offering discounts or other perks to early birds.

Here are some examples:

  • Ramp: Save the Date for Ramp’s Future of Finance
  • Apple: Mark your calendar for the Apple Shopping Event. Starts soon.
  • Salesforce: Start planning your Connections experience

Now that you know what types of subject lines are effective for different product launches, let’s get down to how you can write one that does the magic. 

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How to write an effective product launch email subject line 

Here are six best practices to help you write that winner email subject line for your product launch.

1. Keep your audience in mind—always! 

You’ve probably heard this a lot, and that’s because it’s important. Understanding your target audience is so crucial for successful email marketing. Your audience will inform the tone and overall language of the email. And it could also be the difference between your email getting read or being flagged for spam. 

Beyond subject lines, this means following email marketing best practices when building your email list, such as using double opt-in to confirm emails and never sending spam emails. 

Natalie Franke brilliantly covers how to do this the right way in the Flodesk University Course, Strategies for Launching Your List: How to Build an Email List for Free.

2. Evoke the right emotions 

According to a Harvard study, emotions are powerful and predictable drivers of decision-making. This means that if you can get people in the right mood, you can get them to take desired actions. 

Product launch email subject lines should build excitement and boost interest in the product. You can do this by using the appropriate tone and including power words to trigger emotional responses. For example, pre-order or early access announcement emails should communicate urgency, scarcity, and exclusivity. 

3. Keep it short and concise 

The length of your subject line matters. The majority of email opens—nearly 68%—happen on mobile devices. So, the shorter your subject line is, the better. 

A survey found that subject lines with six to 10 words (about 40 characters) have the highest open rates of 21%. But subject lines of 20 to 25 words have the least open rate, at 9%. For your product launch announcement email, skip the fluff and make sure your subject lines are as concise as possible.

4. Personalize it 

Want a sure way to boost your open rates? Personalize your product launch subject lines. An analysis of 7 billion emails revealed that personalized email subject lines boost open rates by 50%. 

The simplest way is to include your customer’s name. This was found to specifically boost open rates by 21%. If you need more personalization ideas, check out this Flodesk blog: 3 New Ways to Hyper-Personalize Your Email Marketing with Flodesk Forms.

5. Include proven “magic” keywords

When it comes to email marketing, all words are not born equal. Some keywords have been proven to shoot up open and click-through rates when included in your subject line. For example, including the word “free” in your subject line can boost open rates by 10%. 

Phrasee analyzed 700 million emails and ranked phrases from 1 – 100 based on how well or poorly the phrase is likely to perform in a subject line. Phrases with higher scores are likely to perform better. Based on that analysis, some of the best-performing keywords that could come in handy for your product launches are:

  • Introducing (67)
  • Get your (54)
  • Available (69)
  • On orders over (83)
  • Your next order (69)
  • Brand new (71)
  • Latest (70)
  • Special (70)
  • Wonderful (60)
  • Now in (72)

Keep in mind that these are not silver bullets—the performance of your subject lines depends on several other factors. However, what this analysis and similar studies tell us is that some words do perform better than others in subject lines. So, be sure to use those findings to your advantage.

6. Use emojis the right way 

Emojis, who doesn’t love them? Plus, they are good for business—a study by Experian found that companies that use emojis in their email subject lines have over 50% higher open rates than companies that don’t. But there are rules. One emoji per subject line is more than enough. 

Also, ensure that emojis are not used to replace words: that is, the meaning of the subject line should be complete without the emoji. This is because emojis may sometimes be rendered incorrectly, depending on the user’s device.

22 examples of the best product launch email subject lines

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are 22 examples of persuasive subject lines from real brands—big and small—plus why they work.

1. The “new product” launch email subject line

Subject line: Surprise—Her First $100K Merch is HERE! 🎉

Why it works:

  • This attention-grabbing subject line from Her First 100k uses the word “surprise” to immediately catch the reader’s attention.
  • It includes numbers–shown to increase open rates by 15%.
  • The word “HERE” is capitalized for emphasis.
  • And there’s the party popper emoji to drive up the excitement.

Here are other examples of new product launch subject lines:

  • Whoop! Our brand new product is here!
  • Introducing Wonders, our most iconic shoes yet.
  • NEW Arcade Line: The 60s!

2. The “product update” email subject line 

Subject line: The braid guide got a BIG makeover 🙌

Why it works:

  • The phrase “big makeover” gets readers curious about what the new changes are.
  • Since this is sent to people who already use a previous version of An Indigo Day’s guide, the subject line further increases their curiosity.
  • Plus, it includes just the right emoji to communicate the cheer—the arms in the air emoji which is perfect for celebrations and joyous events.

Here are other examples of product update announcement email subject lines:

  • Your favorite tool just got an update!
  • See what’s new, right now.
  • Headspace: The new sleepcasts you’ve been dreaming about.

3. The “time-bound” product launch subject line

Subject line: 🎉New Shirt + 48 hours only

Why it works:

  • Natalie Franke’s email subject line builds an incredible sense of urgency with the time-bound offer—recipients have only 48 hours to take action or they miss the deal.
  • The copy is excellent—it gives readers all the information they need to take action.
  • And there’s the party popper emoji right at the beginning to fuel the excitement.

Here are other examples of “time-bound” product launch emails:

  • 22 hours to close of pre-sale: Get 15% off now!
  • New arrivals: Order now to get a free surprise gift. 24hrs only. 

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4. The “simple” new product launch subject line

Subject line: New Showit Website Template 📢

Why it works: 

  • The subject line from With Grace and Gold is simple and to the point—it announces the product with no fanfare.
  • It includes the announcement emoji for extra effect.

Here are other examples of “simple” product launch emails:

  • Our brand new collection is live!
  • New courses available now.
  • We just launched a brand new game. 

5. The “teaser” product launch subject line

Subject line: Want my new mobile presets for free?

Why it works:

  • This subject line from Joelle Elizabeth instantly piques the recipient’s interest with the straight-forward close-ended question.
  • There’s also free stuff on offer so the reader has to make a quick decision.

Here are other examples of “teaser” product launch emails:

  • Guess what’ve been working on?
  • Keep an eye out for our big reveal
  • Can you keep a secret?

6. The “clever” product launch subject line

Subject line: Hello, NEWbies nice to meet you 👋

Why it works:

  • This subject line from Little Whimsy is witty and exudes good cheer.
  • It uses words like “Hello” and “NEW” in uppercase letters to draw attention.
  • Plus, there’s the little wave emoji for extra effect.

Here are examples of “clever” email subject lines for product launches:

  • We know you can’t wait to CHECK OUT our new product 😉
  • Forget the candy, this deal is the sweetest one yet! (Blue Apron) 

7. The early access launch announcement email subject line

Subject line: Early Access—Read Issue 10 Online Now!

Why it works: 

  • This subject line from DIYODE magazine conveys exclusivity and urgency, urging readers to take immediate action. 
  • Also, one of the three top reasons customers subscribe to emails is to get access to exclusive deals—14% want to receive special gifts and offers while 8% want access to exclusive content, according to a Disqus survey. By offering recipients early access to the product, the subject line hits right on target.

Here are other examples of early access announcement email subject lines:

  • Get in now! Claim your early access to our brand-new features.
  • You have early access to Super Product 2.0. 
  • Special early access—read the new issue!

8. The software launch announcement email subject line

Subject Line: Meet your new design Assistants 🛎

Why it works: 

  • Sketch’s feature announcement email subject line is short, relevant and summarizes the whole point of the email. 
  • It’s all about the recipient. The tone is interactive and personal, thanks to the words “meet” and “your.”

Here are other examples of software launch email subject lines:

  • Mmhmm: Introducing mmhmm 2.0 Chunky
  • Say hello to ABC software
  • Now available: Brand’s all-in-one project management tool! 

9. The retail clothing collection announcement email subject line

Subject line: Welcoming Fall with Transitional Pieces

Why it works:

  • This mood-setting subject line announcing Steven Alan’s clothing collection is short and to the point. 
  • The tone is deliberately calm and subdued, matching the vibe of customers who appreciate Alan’s subversive designs.

Here are other email subject line examples from clothing retailer announcing collection:

  • Introducing the exclusive fall collection
  • Our new coats are in!
  • M&S: The new M&S collection is here, and it’s already iconic

10. The funny product launch email subject line

Subject line: I’m in peanut butter heaven 🤤

Why it works:

  • This subject line from Magic Spoon wittily communicates the launch of new product flavors.
  • It’s completely tailored to Magic Spoon’s audience and matches the brand energy—which is fun and upbeat.

Here are other examples of funny email subject lines: 

  • Seek and you shall eat 😍
  • If these cursors could talk

11. The event launch email subject line

Subject line: Guess who’s coming to dinner?

Why it works:

  • This subject line from Haume teases readers with a question about an upcoming event. 
  • The word “guess” used in the subject line is sure to pique the reader’s curiosity, encouraging them to click to find out who the guest is.

Here are other examples of event launch email subject lines:

  • Here’s your invite to Exclusive Event X
  • Get your tickets to Exclusive Event launch now!
  • The event is almost here!
  • Join us for a special [Brand Name] Event

12. The new mobile app launch email subject line

Subject line: I think you might like this

Why it works: 

  • This email subject line from Kickresume is personal and reads like a note from a friend. 
  • It doesn’t say much about the launch but that’s exactly the idea—it relies on the almost irresistible urge on the part of the customers to find out “the thing” they might like.

Here are other examples of new mobile app launch email subject lines 

  • Try our new mobile app! Get free shipping.
  • The Kajabi mobile app is here!
  • Introducing our brand new ios mobile app
  • Mint: The New Mint. Smart. Sleek. Personalized.

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13. The big celebrity announcement email subject line

Subject line: We made a game… with Neil Patrick Harris!

Why it works:

  • This subject line from Theory11 piques the reader’s curiosity by announcing a collaboration on a new game with popular actor, Neil Patrick Harris. 
  • The brand’s customers are game lovers who would be excited to try out the new game.

Here are other examples of big celebrity announcement email subject lines 

  • Introducing Product Y with [celebrity]
  • The exclusive collection inspired by [celebrity]
  • We made [product]…with [respected influencer]!

14. The upcoming product teaser email subject line

Subject line: The preview is open now! 

Why this works

  • This product launch teaser email from An Indigo Day uses the word “preview” to tease subscribers into opening the email.
  • Customers feel special because they are getting a first look at the products. 
  • The word “now” also evokes a sense of urgency, encouraging customers to take action quickly.

Here are other examples of upcoming product teaser email subject lines: 

  • Something new is coming…Get a sneak peek.
  • The preview is open! See what we’ve been up to.
  • Sneak peek: be the first to try our brand new features.

15. The “major announcement” email subject line

Subject line: Time for a BIG announcement… 

Why it works:

  • This subject line from Natalie Franke, about a store relaunch, is playful and witty. 
  • It gets recipients curious about the “big news” which is deliberately kept elusive to drive open rates. 

Here are other examples of major announcement email subject lines: 

  • We’ve got great news for you!
  • Big announcement coming up!
  • Are you ready for the big news?

16. The newsletter launch announcement email subject line

Subject line: Introducing The Little Posy Co. Journal

Why it works:

  • This subject line from The Little Posy Co. is simple and sends a clear message.
  • It’s perfect for insiders already familiar with the brand and already anticipating the launch of the journal.

Here are other examples of newsletter launch announcement email subject lines: 

  • Introducing our brand new newsletter!
  • Our newsletter just launched!

17. The event date announcement email subject line

Subject line: Mark your calendars 🔔

Why it works

  • This subject line teases recipients by clearly referring to an event but doesn’t mention the event in order to get receivers to click. 
  • The bell emoji is also appropriately placed—just after the word “calendars” to further match the vibe.

Here are other examples of event date announcement email subject lines:

  • Save the Date for Ramp’s Future of Finance
  • Mark your calendar for the Apple Shopping Event. Starts soon.
  • Your upcoming webinars are inside

18. The “new project” announcement email subject line

Subject line: 🎊 Revealing my secret project (at last!) …

Why it works:

  • Business writer, Henneke Duistermat, baits readers to learn about her new project with this winner subject line. 
  • Words like “reveal” and “secret” convey the exclusiveness of the information, nudging readers to find out more. 

Here are other examples of new project announcement email subject lines:

  • Announcing our brand new project… 
  • The Upcycling Project: MCM x AKA BOKU
  • Something is cooking… 

19. The subscribers’ early birds access email subject line

Subject line: Simple Shared accounts are coming. Join the beta waitlist today.

Why it works:

  • This subject line is clear. The word “coming” creates a buzz about the product and builds anticipation. 
  • The second part of the email uses words like “join” and “today” to generate the fear of missing out.

Here are other examples of early bird access email subject lines: 

  • Sign up for early access to our Black Friday Sale!
  • Special early access: The Herman Miller Sale
  • Your early access starts now!

20. The “big benefit” product launch email subject line

Subject line: Unlock your best hair days 

Why this works:

  • This subject line describes the desired benefits for the reader. 
  • It’s actionable, inviting the customer to unlock these benefits by opening the email.

Examples of product launch email subject line that emphasize “big benefits”:

  • Member benefit: Extra Google Photos editing features for Android
  • Our friendship comes with benefits
  • Join Circle: Exclusive Benefits & Extra Income

21. The new website announcement email subject line

Subject line: Our New Website Is Live. Book Flights Today.

Why it works:

  • This website launch email subject line includes the proven magic word “new,” and a strong call to action. 
  • It also communicates urgency without being pushy and urges readers to take a first look at the airline’s brand new website.

Here are other examples of website announcement email subject lines:

  • Our new website is live! Check it out now!
  • Say hello to our brand new website
  • New website alert! See what’s changed.

22. The straight-forward product launch email subject line 

Subject line: New | Fresh, invigorating body wash

Why it works:

  • This subject line is short and to the point. The words “new” and “fresh” emphasize the uniqueness of the product, to pique the recipient’s interest. 
  • Plus, the word “invigorating” is a strong power word that instantly communicates the energy and vibe behind the launch. 

Examples of straight-forward email subject lines 

  • KFC 11 Herbs & Spices Firelogs are the Ultimate Holiday Gift — Get yours while supplies last!
  • Ginger Lemonade is here
  • Introducing Grilli Kiosk!

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What to avoid in your email subject lines

Feeling inspired? Watch out for these customer pet peeves as you draft your own product launch emails.

  • Don’t be verbose: Keep your subject lines brief and concise. Cut out the fluff and stay on topic. 
  • Don’t hedge: Be clear and exact. Don’t generalize. Use percentages rather than fractions. Instead of writing “A few days to the launch of…”, use the exact number of days in figure.
  • Don’t sound impersonal: Pretend you are writing to only one customer and tailor your message for that customer. If users feel disconnected from your opener, they likely won’t read your message.
  • Don’t scream at your readers: We’ve all received such emails with too many capital letters and lots of punctuation marks. While you want to get readers excited, you don’t want to come across like you’re yelling at them. Plus, your email could be automatically flagged as spam.

Product launch email subject lines FAQs 

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about product launch emails. 

How do you write an email to launch a new product?

  1. Get crystal clear about the purpose of your email.
  2. Craft a compelling subject line. 
  3. Try different approaches depending on the type of product you’re launching and your target audience.
  4. Provide detailed but relevant information about your product in the body of the email. 
  5. Don’t forget to include a clear call to action.

What are good product launch email subject lines?

A good product launch email subject line builds hype and interest in your product. Here are some good subject line templates for product launches: 

  • Introducing [Product]…
  • [Product] is here!
  • New updates to your favorite [product]
  • NEW: [Product] is here
  • New in: [Product names or description]
  • [Product] is now online

What should you not put in the subject line of an email?

When writing your subject line, avoid using too many emojis, uppercase letters or emojis. These could get your email flagged as spam–before your recipients ever get to see it.

Get off to a great start with winning subject lines

When you’re launching a new product, communication is everything. Crafting compelling subject lines that build hype and anticipation for your product is your first step to a great launch. And if you’re shopping for an email marketing software, Flodesk helps you design beautiful emails with its intuitive drag and drop builder. Plus, you never get penalized as your list grows.