TL;DR: Our community has been busy creating and sharing remarkable emails with Flodesk template sharing. Explore members’ email templates for every style, use case, and niche—plus ideas to inspire your own.

Flodesk Template from Pearler Work

Flodesk email templates from Pearler Work

A few weeks ago, we released Flodesk template sharing—an exciting new feature that lets Flodesk members transform their email creations into a shareable template link they can use to grow their business any way they like. 

Since then, our community has begun creating Flodesk templates of their very own, offering new freebies to grow their list and unique email templates to sell. Here’s a roundup of inspiring ways Flodesk members are using this new feature to grow their businesses. 

5 brilliant Flodesk email templates to shop and inspire

1. Angela Mondloch, Saffron Avenue

Tulipa Flodesk templates from Northfolk Co

Angela Mondloch’s Flodesk email designs offer impeccable aesthetics and branding for creative entrepreneurs. Her templates range from the minimalist ‘Tulipa’ to the dreamy ‘Napoli’ series, each designed to make your emails stand out and achieve high engagement.

Napoli Flodesk templates from Northfolk

She sells her email templates in bundled kits on Northfolk Co, arming customers with a range of different template types to welcome subscribers, share news, make sales. She also offers website templates and social media templates that match each email template style, helping entrepreneurs achieve visual consistency across all of their marketing touchpoints. 

Browse Angela’s Flodesk email templates:

2. Katie Zana, Pearler Work

Flodesk email templates from Pearler Work

‘Pearler’ is an Australian term meaning impressive, extraordinary, or remarkable, so it’s only fitting that Aussie brand Pearler Work offers a fresh, innovative approach to traditional design. Owner Katie Zana is a web designer who specializes in Squarespace and Shopify sites and loves design-friendly tech tools like Flodesk. 

She recently launched a collection of Flodesk email templates that balance bold colors with retro vibes, giving her customers a powerful framework to create refreshingly authentic emails. Katie’s templates are perfect for businesses aiming to captivate their audience with striking visuals, clear messaging, and undeniable personality.

Flodesk templates from Katie Zana at Pearler Work

3. Jess Kasteler and Chelsea Scanlan, Creative Impact Shop

Creative Impact Shop marries the collective genius of MARA Design Co. and Chelsea + Co. The shop’s groundbreaking, ready-to-use email templates feature beautiful visuals, strategic swipe copy, and elements to help you create lasting connections with your subscribers. 

Beyond the beautiful template designs, those who download Creative Impact Shop’s templates will receive email marketing insights and personalization tips to maximize their impact on your brand.

Creative impact shop email templates

4. Astrid Van Mele, Wonderlik Web Design

Astrid had already been selling a variety of website templates, Canva templates, and email templates before Flodesk template sharing became available.

When the feature launched, she updated her Flodesk email templates so customers could instantly download her designs to their accounts and begin using them in just a few clicks. Now, in addition to her template sales, she automatically earns affiliate payouts for every person who joins Flodesk as a paid member through her template link.

Creative impact shop email templates from Wonderlik

She offers templates in Dutch through her website, Wonderlik Web Design, and sells templates in English through her Etsy shop. Wonderlik’s Flodesk email templates offer sophisticated, minimalist designs for photographers and entrepreneurs. Each email style is bundled and sold in packages of 14 emails, including everything from newsletter, confirmation, and sales emails to niche-specific email types, like styling advice, mini sessions, and pricing guide emails. 

As a seasoned template designer, Astrid already offers a wide selection of Flodesk email templates. 

Flodesk email templates Wild Willow from Wonderlik

5. Elena Ringeisen, Modern Market

Elena’s marketplace for creative entrepreneurs, Modern Market, recently debuted the Flodesk product launch email template—your launchpad to increase sales and open rates for your product or service.

Modern Market welcome email sequence template

They also sell a welcome sequence of Flodesk email templates, which include seven meticulously crafted emails packed with personality and purpose. Unlike standard welcome emails, Modern Market’s templates give you a roadmap to build genuine connections with your audience. 

Modern Market Flodesk email template

They’ve truly thought of everything you need to set up a welcome email sequence in Flodesk like complimentary email designs and workflow scheduling information—plus attention-grabbing subject lines and preview text to skyrocket your email open rates.

It’s grow time. Try Flodesk template sharing for yourself

Join fellow entrepreneurs in turning Flodesk emails into templates that can help others elevate their email marketing, build meaningful relationships, and make sales. 

Flodesk template sharing makes it easier than ever to sell email templates, boost your bottom line with affiliate earnings, and delight customers with instant template downloads.

Go ahead—give it a try. The world needs what you’ve got.