TL;DR: We’re sharing the fundamentals of great email design and a free downloadable guide. Get our design team’s top email design tips, favorite Flodesk hacks, and go-to sources of inspiration.

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, email continues to be the most powerful tool for small businesses to connect with their audience and grow their business. But in an era of shortened attention spans and ever-growing digital noise, creating engaging, distinct email designs is crucial to capturing and maintaining your subscribers’ attention. 

The ultimate guide to email design

To help you hone your email design skills, Flodesk’s design team has curated a comprehensive guide covering best practices, essential tips, and inspiration to help you create stunning emails that drive results. You’ll walk away with the trusted strategies and email design principles we use in Flodesk’s templates and email newsletters.

Keep reading to learn more about the fundamentals of email design and what can expect from our free guide. 

Ultimate guide to email design

The days of guessing at your email designs are over. Get our design team’s top email design tips, Flodesk hacks, and inspiration.

Why email design matters

Your email design significantly impacts your email deliverability, engagement, and brand reputation. Well-designed emails can foster meaningful relationships with subscribers and give your brand a professional edge; poorly designed emails can keep your business growth at a standstill.

How to design the perfect email (and keep subscribers eager for more)

Every great email includes a few core design elements that don’t just look beautiful—they drive lasting results. Your email design impacts where your subscribers look, how they feel, and what action they take next. 

By following the email design best practices outlined in Flodesk’s free guide, you can ensure your emails can drive you closer to your goals—and look great doing it. You’ll learn:

  • Which elements to include in your emails
  • How to optimize your email design for maximum success
  • The secret to designing emails people can’t get enough of

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Key components of effective email design

Inside the guide, we’ll dive into the following five core elements of great email design more deeply, sharing best practices, actionable tips, and examples to help you transform your emails.

1. Content

Content is king. And in today’s digital landscape, keeping your email content concise and scannable is essential. Get our simple tips to say more with less in your emails.

2. Layout

A clean, simple layout can make a big difference in how your email is perceived. We’ll teach you how to use spacing effectively, adhere to visual hierarchy principles, and maintain brand consistency for a seamless and professional email experience.

3. Imagery

High-quality images can capture attention and enhance your message, but it’s important to use the right file types and sizes to ensure quick loading times. Our team shares tips on selecting and optimizing images to create emails that look great without compromising your email performance.

4. Optimization

From optimizing calls-to-action (CTAs) to ensuring mobile-friendly designs, we’ll highlight simple strategies for improving your email’s performance and ensuring your messages reach as many subscribers as possible. 

5. Audience

Understanding your audience is crucial to designing emails they’ll love. We’ll share some simple yet effective ways you can craft emails people can’t get enough of and foster a refreshingly personal experience.

Ultimate guide to email design

Learn how to design emails that put your brand first and win subscribers’ attention with our design team’s top design tips, Flodesk hacks, and inspiration.

Flodesk’s ultimate guide to email design: Best practices, tips, and inspiration

The ultimate guide to email design - how to create the perfect email

There’s never been a better time to leverage the power of email marketing in your business. We created this guide to empower you with the design knowledge and tools to grow your business one email at a time. 

You don’t need to be a professional designer to create emails people love to get. Flodesk makes designing easy, fun, and refreshingly on-brand. Download Flodesk’s ultimate guide to email design now and discover the secrets to designing emails that captivate and convert.