TL;DR: Did you know you can now add up to five links to your Instagram profile? Discover how to leverage Instagram’s new feature—and the one link you should be sure to include.

In with the new features, out with the old limitations. As of April 2023, you can now add up to five links to your Instagram bio, no longer needing to choose between including one link or using paid third-party tools to place multiple bio links.

You might already be linking to your website and sales pages, but did you know there’s one link you can include that’s essential to actually growing your business?

A Flodesk Link in bio: the ultimate tool that empowers you to turn your social followers into email subscribers (and paying customers) by capturing their email addresses right from your profile.

SoFo template one

With a Link in bio, the audience you build on social media is yours to keep, engage, and grow, irrespective of platform or algorithm changes. 

Turn followers into subscribers with a Flodesk Link in bio

Capture emails right from your social profiles and convert 40x better.

5 reasons why you need a Social Form in your bio right now

While your social media content may get fresh eyes on your brand in ways other marketing channels can’t, social platforms like Instagram are ever-changing. You have limited control over who sees your content—no matter how great it is. And if Instagram disappears tomorrow, your audience disappears with it. 

Trust us when we say email marketing isn’t dead—but someday, your favorite social media platform could be. Turning your followers into subscribers is essential for business growth, and a Flodesk Link in bio is the best tool to help you grow and protect your business. Here’s why.

1. Own your audience

Unlike your social media following, you own your email list. There’s no gatekeeper barring you from emailing your subscribers—your list is yours (with the right permission, of course). So if Instagram glitches, changes, or randomly shuts down your account, you can continue connecting with your audience.

2. Go from boring to beautiful

Level up your link in bio and give your audience a better brand experience. Sure, you can add plain links to Instagram and be done with it. But imagine how incredible it’ll be when your followers click on your link and are greeted with the same branded look they know and love. 

The gorgeous templates include space for your logo, top links, social icons, and a personal bio block—which you can easily toggle on and off right within the builder. With a Link in bio this beautiful, they won’t be able to resist joining your list.

3. Gain higher content engagement

Easily integrate your Link in bio with your other social media pages by including social icons that drive engagement to all your brand accounts. Better yet, instead of pouring your time into creating high-value social content and hoping that your followers lay eyes on it, start collecting email addresses and creating emails people love to get. 

Email puts you in control of which subscribers see your content (and when). Whether you have 50 followers or 5,000, you’ll get the exact same spot in the inbox as the largest brands out there.

4. Turn followers into future customers 

Your Link in bio is fully integrated with Flodesk from the start, allowing you to email and sell to your subscribers all in one place.

By turning followers into subscribers whom you can nurture with email, you’re building a list of future customers who have already shown interest in your brand. Studies show that for every dollar you put into your email marketing, you get $36 back. With an ROI that high, you won’t just grow your list—you can boost sales, too.

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5. Grow with powerful analytics

With a Link in bio, you can instantly measure your success by seeing how many people visit your page, opt in, and convert overall. Double down on what’s working and ditch what isn’t—unlock brilliant insights to maximize business growth. Create yours free.

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Get your audience out of a rented space like Instagram and into a marketing channel you own. Here’s how to start growing your email list with a Link in bio.

Within Flodesk, navigate to Forms and select Link in bios. 

2. Choose a template and make it yours

Choose your favorite template. Click Customize to add your logo, opt-in form fields, links, social icons, and a personal bio block. Wow your audience with a curated experience at every click.

Flodesk Social Form three

3. Publish and share. Anywhere.

After customizing your Link in bio, just click publish and share a single link in your social bios. Promote your form across your social accounts, drive traffic to your link, and collect subscribers from anywhere.

Flodesk Social Form two

Bonus tip: Boost link clicks to your Link in bio with a waitlist or freebie. Get Instagram users eagerly clicking into your bio with a waitlist or opt-in freebie they can’t wait to get their hands on. Learn how this VA coach used a Link in bio to create a waitlist, turning social followers into $100k in one month’s sales—and how you can, too.

Turn followers into subscribers with a Flodesk Link in bio

Capture emails right from your social profiles and convert 40x better.

Growing your business just got easier. Make the most of Instagram’s latest feature by adding multiple links to your bio and ensuring that a Flodesk Link in bio is one of them. Choose a template, make it yours, and share a single link across your socials. Create yours free.