TL;DR: A Flodesk Link in bio is the ultimate way to own your audience and beat changing algorithms. Find out why and explore five ways you can use a Link in bio to grow, nurture, and sell right now—completely free.

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There are people out there who need exactly what you’re offering—but in a world of ever-changing platforms, reaching them has never been more challenging. Instead of pouring your energy into fighting what you can’t control, like an algorithm, take one action today to embrace what you can: your email list.

Protect yourself from changing algorithms, lost accounts, and dying platforms by building an audience you own forever—and turning followers into subscribers with a high-converting link in bio. While most link in bio tools offer an icky, static look, one tool stands out: Flodesk Link in bios. 

A Link in bio is the easiest way to drive traffic where it matters, grow your list, and boost your bottom line. Why? Because it puts email acquisition at the forefront of your bio—instantly capturing subscribers right from your profile. But that’s just the beginning. 

Discover why beginners and experts alike love using a Link in bio to exponentially grow their business.

List-growing got a glow up

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There’s nothing boring about building your list with Flodesk forms. Capture subscribers right from your link in bio, publish gorgeous landing pages, and boost website opt-ins. 

Stunning templates. Fully branded. Completely free. Whatever your goal, we’ve got a form for you: 

  • A Link in bio to convert followers into subscribers 40x better
  • Landing pages to turn lurkers into subscribers (no website required)
  • Popup forms to quickly get website visitors subscribed to your list
  • Inline forms to encourage opt-ins throughout your website—from your blog to your footer

Choose a template for your goal and customize it to make it yours. Then publish and share, anywhere. You can grow your list with as many forms as you like—but make sure a Link in bio is one of them. Create yours free.

Say hello to the easiest way to own your social media audience. Get more link in bio traffic and convert followers into subscribers with the world’s most powerful link in bio builder. 

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A Link in bio lets you:

  • Own your audience. Capture (and segment) followers’ email addresses from the start
  • Elevate your brand with custom everything—from your Flodesk handle, links, and logo to your fonts, colors, imagery, and graphics
  • Grow on autopilot. Publish once, grow forever. Convert 40x better with a link in bio that places your opt-in form above the fold and drives traffic to your top links
  • Stand out from the masses. Hook your audience with the best design and refreshingly personal touches, like a heartfelt bio and handwritten signature
  • Turn social followers into sales. Automagically add subscribers to your Flodesk account, where you can grow, nurture, and sell in one place. So easy
  • Measure and learn. Gain valuable insights in real-time by tracking how many people visit your link in bio, opt in, and convert overall

Why settle for anything less? Your audience won’t. Five minutes is all it takes to start turning social followers into subscribers with a Flodesk Link in bio. Learn how.

It’s time to upgrade your link in bio—the days of long, spammy-looking links are gone. Put your brand first in every form link you share, and ensure your link in bio looks fantastic on all devices with a unique Flodesk handle. Then, tailor every form link you create with custom links.

Instead of using a randomly generated handle like, you can customize your handle to be And for your links, instead of, you can customize the URL to or whatever you like. 

Custom Link In Bio

Reinforce your brand’s identity with a Flodesk handle that matches your social handles (and looks great in your profile). But hurry—claim your unique handle before someone else does. Claim yours free.

Pro trip: Boost engagement to your link in bio and convert more followers into subscribers with a concise, branded bio link. You can do this by using the toggle feature within Flodesk to set as your Link in bio’s link. Learn how.

Completely free. As good as it gets

We’re on a mission to make small business owners more successful through good design and marketing, and we believe that starts with building brilliant, accessible tools.

A Link in bio is the first step to building a sustainable and profitable business, which is why this feature is free for everyone to use. Grow your list with unlimited subscribers, unlimited links, and unlimited customization. Completely free. Go ahead—grow your business. Sign up free.

A stunning link in bio. Free with Flodesk.

Elevate your brand, drive traffic where it matters, and convert followers into subscribers 40x better with a Flodesk link in bio.

As a small business owner, there’s nothing more satisfying than having tools in place that grow your business for you—easing your to-do list while simultaneously moving you closer toward your goals. No matter where you are in your business journey, a Link in bio is the one tool you can use to grow, nurture, and sell on repeat—completely free. Promise.

Refocus your energy from fighting an algorithm to building a thriving business. In just five minutes, you can use a Link in bio to:

1. Start a newsletter

A newsletter gives you a direct line of communication between you and your most engaged followers. Ensure your audience never misses your content again by delivering it directly to their inbox. Whether you’re just starting or are a seasoned email marketer, a Flodesk Link in bio can help you effortlessly grow your list.

Create yours free, drive traffic to your link in bio, and transform followers into subscribers instantly—without ever needing to lead them out of their social app.

Natalie Franke Social Form

Natalie Franke’s Link in bio

A Link in bio’s opt-in field sits above the fold, exponentially increasing conversions compared to a conventional link in bio or website form. Just two days after switching to a Link in bio, Natalie Franke started converting 1042.85% better. Yes, you read that right.

2. Open a waitlist

Maximize the impact of your launches by using a Link in bio to tease your upcoming offers and segment subscribers instantly. Build anticipation with a product, service, or event waitlist your followers will scramble to join. 

Email waitlists help generate buzz and excitement while collecting valuable contact information from potential customers who want to be first in line to access your offering. And because they indicate purchase intent for specific offers, you can easily use them to send relevant, hyper-personalized emails that warm your waitlist subscribers for sales.

Brooke Bakken Co Example

Brooke Bakken & Co’s Link in bio

Many Flodesk members customize their Link in bio opt-in block to grow their waitlists for upcoming offers, like this example from Brooke Bakken & Co. Brooke says,”I wanted a page where I could easily capture email addresses for a waitlist while giving people the opportunity to get to know a little bit about me and the other products or services I offer.”

Pro tip: Turn your Link in bio into a demand-generating tool for your big ideas. Open a waitlist to gauge audience demand for an offer before you spend time, energy, and resources creating it.

3. Offer a freebie

Create a free resource—like a guide, checklist, or one of our top freebie ideas—that entices your audience to “join now” for instant access. By offering something valuable for free, you can boost your Link in bio opt-in conversions and demonstrate your expertise (making new subscribers more likely to become paying customers).

Steff Smith Flodesk Social Form

Babes and Brews’ Link in bio

Here’s how to grow your list (and your bottom line) with an irresistible freebie offer:

  1. Create a high-quality freebie that provides your audience value while positioning your brand as an expert. There’s no stopping what you can create—but be sure to include four essential factors
  2. Customize your Link in bio’s opt-in block to entice visitors to “join now” for freebie access
  3. Promote your freebie on social media and drive traffic to your Flodesk Link in bio
  4. Capture new subscribers and deliver your freebie to their inbox instantly. Learn how
  5. Continue to nurture your list with an automated series of welcome emails that introduce new subscribers to your brand, build trust, and highlight your offerings

4. Sell your product

Rather than driving your audience to a website homepage or contact form, consider using your Link in bio to get more eyeballs on your top offers. Leverage your link list to streamline your sales flow and connect potential customers directly to your highest-converting sales pages—increasing your selling potential.

Flodesk member and founder of Ardent Market, Emily Marks, uses her Link in bio to drive followers to her seasonal offerings, new arrivals, and best sellers, where she can lead them through a brand experience and quickly convert them into customers. She says, “It’s a seamless extension of my brand, providing a user-friendly experience that often serves as a powerful first introduction to Ardent Market.”

Ardent Market Social Form

Ardent Market’s Link in bio

Supplement your primary revenue and diversify your income streams with a steady flow of passive earnings. Affiliate links are a simple yet powerful way to increase your revenue while providing your audience with valuable products or services that align with your brand.

Jenny Cole Example

Jenny Cole’s Link in bio

You don’t need thousands of followers to make money on social media. A Link in bio makes it easier than ever before to incorporate affiliate links into your social media strategy and generate passive income. Here’s how.

  1. Become an affiliate of your favorite products and services. Usually, affiliates get exclusive deals to share with their audience and make money every time someone signs up through their unique link or code. For example, as a Flodesk affiliate, you can gift your audience 50% off their first year of Flodesk and earn $19 for every new member that joins through your link
  2. Create a Fldoesk Link in bio and add your top affiliate links to your link list. Make money while you sleep by consistently including them in your favorite links and driving traffic there
  3. Promote your affiliate offers across social media, boost clicks to your link in bio, and grow your passive income. See how graphic designer, Jenny Cole, uses her Link in bio’s link list to earn more effortlessly

A stunning link in bio. Free with Flodesk.

Elevate your brand, drive traffic where it matters, and convert followers into subscribers 40x better with a Flodesk link in bio.

What are you waiting for? Harness the power of a Link in bio and convert your followers into paying customers. Stand out with the best designs, branded links, and a high-converting link in bio—completely free with Flodesk. Create yours now.