TL;DR: Have five minutes? That’s all it takes to create your first Social Form and supercharge subscriber growth. Join fellow entrepreneurs in using a Social Form to grow your business.

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Social media platforms and algorithms are constantly changing, and your ability to reach your audience is changing right along with them. As an entrepreneur, building an email list is an essential first step to keep your business growing. But how can you grow from 10 subscribers to 10,000? By converting your followers into subscribers with a stunning Social Form. 

A Flodesk Social Form is a powerful yet simple tool to get your audience out of a social app and into your subscriber list. The beautifully designed templates make it easy to stand out from the masses and increase opt-ins directly from your profile—while simultaneously driving traffic to your top links.

Entrepreneurs are already experiencing the impact a Social Form can have on business growth. As Flodesk member success stories pour in, one thing is clear: if you’re not using a Social Form in your social profiles, you’re missing out on subscribers.

Discover what you can do with a Flodesk Social Form and create your own in just five minutes.

Step into your growth era with a Flodesk Social Form

Whether you’re just starting your business or are a seasoned entrepreneur, a Social Form can help you build an audience you own—putting you in control of your growth trajectory. Rather than continuously navigating algorithms and search engines, you can funnel your audience into your email list and engage with them directly, forever.

A Social Form allows you to:

  • Own your audience
    Never fall victim to changing algorithms, platforms disappearing, or getting locked out of your social accounts again. Own the audience you’re building on social media by capturing (and segmenting) their email addresses from the start.

  • Publish once, grow forever
    Unlike traditional link in bio products, a Social Form puts your form fields at the top of the page—which is proven to boost your list growth significantly more than a link redirecting to a form somewhere else.

  • Elevate your brand
    Say goodbye to that icky, static link in bio look. Customize every aspect of your Social Form with brand fonts, colors, imagery, and graphic elements to leave a lasting first impression your audience will love.

  • Get refreshingly personal
    Welcome new visitors personally with a bio and handwritten signature.

  • Turn social followers into sales
    Your Social Form automatically adds subscribers to your Flodesk account, allowing you to email and sell to them in one place. So easy. 

  • Unlock powerful analytics
    Many link in bio products lack clear analytics. With a Social Form, you can instantly measure your success by seeing how many people visit your page, opt in, and convert overall. 

Turn followers into subscribers with a Flodesk Social Form

Capture followers’ emails right from your social profiles to grow your list.

3 steps to achieve maximum list growth in minutes

Five minutes is all it takes to start turning your social followers into subscribers. Promise. Create a Social Form to exponentially increase your subscriber growth in three simple steps.

Step one: Customize a Social Form to match your brand

Within Flodesk, navigate to Forms and select Social Forms. Choose a stunning template, click Customize, and brand it in minutes. Add your logo, brand colors, custom fonts, and links to your most important updates, products, and content. 

Personally welcome new visitors with a bio block and handwritten signature. Connect your social accounts to Flodesk—toggle social icons on to boost engagement across your profiles; toggle off to narrow the focus on your opt-in form.

Click publish to make your Social Form live. Then, share your unique link in all your social media profiles. Make it easy for your followers to find it by placing it at the top of your profile—on Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Pinterest, and more.

Step three: Watch your list grow

Grow your list (and business) forever. Regularly promote your Social Form through stories, videos, and in-feed posts to maximize subscriber growth and ensure your audience is yours to keep, engage, and grow for good.

What entrepreneurs are saying about Social Forms

Flodesk Social Forms are already empowering entrepreneurs and SMBs to maximize their list growth and achieve sales success.

“I never realized how many potential subscribers I was missing out on by having a more standard link in bio that just keeps directing people onward. Social Forms put email acquisition above the fold as the priority,” says Natalie Franke—who was already converting more social followers into subscribers within 24 hours of placing a Social Form in her bio.

Natalie Franke Flodesk Social Form

VA Coach and Founder of Jessica Hawks LLC, Jessica Hawks, used a Flodesk Social Form to turn social followers into subscribers, which led to $100k in a single month’s sales. She says, “The chances of me being able to convert those people on TikTok or Instagram immediately would’ve been really low had I not had those people on my email list.

“I created a Social Form as an easy way to grow an email list of potential clients,” says photographer Jenny Folman, adding, “I’m beginning to gather new emails for upcoming sales, photo tips, and more.”

Jenny Folman Flodesk Social Form

Steff Smith, Founder of Babes & Brews Community, sees a Social Form as an expansive tool for her business.

She says, “I discovered Social Forms at the perfect timing. I needed something to help me organize all my free digital downloads and classes, upcoming retreats and events, and unique offerings in a way that felt cohesive, clear, and simple for my ideal audience and community to navigate through. I was able to quickly create a beautiful online form with my branding, preferred links, and a personal message from my heart.”

Steff Smith Flodesk Social Form

Get growing with a stunning Social Form

Take five minutes today to set your business up for success with a Flodesk Social Form. This simple yet essential step can help ensure you don’t fall victim to a social algorithm change, platform disappearing, or a compromised account. By capturing your audience’s email addresses, you’re protecting your business and powering your growth potential.

Sign up free and start turning your followers into subscribers with a brilliant Social Form. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Turn followers into subscribers with a Flodesk Social Form

Capture followers’ emails right from your social profiles to grow your list.