While social media undoubtedly expands your reach, there’s still one thing standing between you and your audience—the algorithm. But when you can convert these social followers to email subscribers—on a platform you own—you bridge that gap, increasing your chances of building a community around your brand. 

But how do you drive followers to your email opt-in? With a link in bio. In this article, we explore what a link in bio is, how it can transform your small business, and 11 fantastic link in bio examples to take inspiration from.

A link in bio is a landing page where brands can centralize important links and share information about their business or special offer. As its name suggests, it’s housed in your social media bio and is used to direct your audience elsewhere—often to your website or a specific promotion.

A basic link in bio is essentially a list of links. But more premium options, like a Flodesk Link in bio, give you the opportunity to share different kinds of media, are fully customizable, and may even include an embedded opt-in form. 

Instead of being just a link list, your Link in bio becomes a canvas for your brand’s story. It’s a personalized page that reflects your unique identity, offering a curated selection of links, a newsletter opt-in, and engaging content—all in one place.

An Instagram bio for small business is prime real estate if used correctly—starting with a link in bio. This powerful tool lets you: 

  • Take control of your audience: Own the audience you’re cultivating on social media by capturing and strategically segmenting their email addresses right from the start.
  • Centralize information: Provide a one-stop hub for followers to access all important links, such as your website, product pages, promotions, and other social media platforms.
  • Improve customer experience: Make it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for and increase engagement with your top content or products.
  • Increase traffic: Drive traffic where it matters most, like your product listings or blog.
  • Cross-promote: Promote different aspects of your business by connecting your Instagram followers to your YouTube channel or LinkedIn profile, and vice versa. 
  • Build your email list: Include a link to an opt-in form and convert social media followers into email subscribers you can communicate directly with, forever.

  • Get more opt-ins: Unlike other link in bio tools, a Flodesk Link in bio embeds your form fields right at the top of the page, a strategy proven to boost your list growth—members are converting 40x better with a Flodesk Link in bio compared to traditional website opt-in forms.
  • Share time-sensitive promotions: It’s easy to update your bio links with new or temporary promotions, events, or product launches, and keep your audience informed and engaged.
  • Boost your brand: A customized link in bio elevates your business’ visual identity with your brand’s fonts, colors, images, and design elements to create a memorable first impression.
  • Maintain brand consistency: With a premium link in bio tool, you can promote a consistent brand image and messaging across various platforms, and reinforce brand recognition and loyalty.
  • Unlock powerful analytics: Gauge your success by tracking the number of visitors to your page, opt-ins, and overall conversions.

Turn followers into subscribers with a Flodesk Link in bio

Capture followers’ emails right from your social profiles to grow your list.

From increasing cross-channel content engagement to growing your newsletter subscribers, these 11 link in bios are prime examples of how to make your Instagram bio work for you. 

Sell your products or services

Wondering how to sell on Instagram? Here’s how to use the link in bio feature to showcase and sell your products or services directly from your social media profile—and seamlessly connect your audience to your offering.

1. Ardent Market

Ardent market link in bio

Flodesk member Ardent Market is on a mission to offer meaningful goods for slow living, and the store’s Link in bio aligns with this vision perfectly. The landing page showcases a thoughtfully curated list of links that narrate their brand story while providing easy access to its products. 

Interested readers can explore the About section, the journal, or the brand’s climate commitment promise. At the same time, eager shoppers can navigate to new arrivals, baby and kids goods, or gifts. This array of curated links guides Ardent Market’s followers towards a fulfilling shopping experience.

2. Natalie Franke

Natalie Franke_link in bio

Bestselling author, founder, and speaker Natalie Franke takes a direct route to sales on her Flodesk Link in bio; the top two links lead straight to her product pages. Visitors can snag a “Long Live Small Business tee” or dive into Natalie’s book, Gutsy. And those who aren’t shopping can head directly to Natalie’s website or connect via her contact page. 

This Link in bio is all about getting to the heart of the matter, directing visitors to the most crucial brand pages with clarity and purpose. It’s no wonder that just two days after switching to a Flodesk Link in bio, Natalie saw an increase in subscriber conversion of 1,042.85%—a pretty impressive jump!

Open a waitlist

An Instagram bio is the perfect place to create a waitlist and gauge demand for your products while building relationships with eager future customers.

3. Jera Bean

Jera bean link in bio page

Want to build anticipation and keep your audience on the edge of their seats for your next big launch? Jera Bean masters this tactic with this uncomplicated landing page that urges visitors to sign up for her video editing course waitlist.

It’s sleek, straightforward, and achieves its goal effortlessly—capturing those valuable email subscribers.

4. The Reels Course, by Taylor Loren

Reels course link in bio example

Here’s another great Instagram bio link example. Flodesk member Taylor Loren strategically promotes and builds anticipation for her Reels Course 2.0 by inviting potential participants to join the waitlist. The Link in bio captures attention with a brief introduction of what awaits and a photo of Taylor for a personal touch.

The page also features a separate link to The Reels Course 1.0, providing an immediate option for those keen to dive into the action right away.

Offer a freebie

Drive traffic to your freebies straight from your link in bio page. It’s a great way to convert social media followers into engaged subscribers by giving them something of value in return.

5. Shannon LeBlanc

Shannon le blanc link in bio

Instead of just one link, Shannon LeBlanc optimizes Instagram’s multiple links feature, one of which guides followers to an enticing freebie: a guide to taking better photos. 

The bold heading immediately grabs attention before providing valuable context on how its contents will help address key issues faced by the audience—prompting them to share their contact information.

6. AnneMarie Hamant

Anne Marie Hamant Instagram Account

AnneMarie Hamant also uses Instagram’s multiple links feature, with one of the URLs guiding viewers to grab her freebie. This Link in bio page provides an exclusive chance to win a free 45-minute mentoring session with AnneMarie in exchange for an email address.

Beyond collecting valuable subscribers, this freebie offer serves as a community-building strategy. The opt-in form encourages subscribers to share what they’d most like to learn from AnneMarie—providing invaluable insights into her audience’s preferences, the issues they’re facing, and the content they’re looking for.

Convert followers into subscribers 40x better with a Flodesk Link in bio

Grow your list. Capture followers’ emails right from your social media profiles.

Boost cross-channel content engagement

Email lets you take charge of when and how your subscribers view your content. Regardless of whether you have 50 followers or 5,000, you’ll secure a prime spot in the inbox, leveling the playing field with even the most established of brands.

7. Taylor Loren

Taylor loren link in bio

Content creators have so much more to offer beyond their Instagram feed. That’s why digital creator and Flodesk member Taylor Loren has created a Link in bio page that directs her audience to her vast offerings. From this page, visitors can access her newsletter and direct links to her freebies, workshop, upcoming course waitlist, online shop, and website. 

It also includes links to her other social media channels. By providing various touchpoints and social media links, Taylor ensures her audience can engage with her content on their preferred platforms—strengthening their connection further.

8. Emmy & Ollie Photo

Emmy and Ollie link in bio

Family photographer Emmy & Ollie Photo uses a Link in bio to drive traffic to her website and directs visitors to strategic pages: her blog, homepage, a specific service page, and a general services page. 

This Link in bio page also includes a thank you note from Emily, adding a personal touch that shows her care for her photography clients. It also includes clickable links that direct her audience to her Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest profiles, encouraging more engagement across platforms.

Drive signups to your newsletter

Get more Instagrammers to join your newsletter by using your bio links. Create an appealing story that makes visitors want to sign up and turn them into valuable community members.

9. Maddie Eddie

Maddie Eddie_Link in bio

Social media savant Maddie Eddie understands the power of community building. Beyond her insightful Instagram posts, Maddie invites her followers to join her newsletter through the link in her bio—and gain even more valuable tips. 

The straightforward opt-in form at the top of her Link in bio makes it easy to subscribe, and additional links below give viewers deeper insights into Maddie’s portfolio, story, and online store. This approach both encourages newsletter opt-ins and strengthens the connection with her audience.

10. Mama Photog

Mama photog link in bio

Photographer Mama Photog is another avid community builder using her bio feature to build a loyal subscriber base. Taylor’s Link in bio landing page is like a snapshot of her personality, with a profile photo, and a fun newsletter opt-in button that reflects her voice. It also provides various links—from her latest YouTube video to an Apple playlist, and a link to book a session or discovery call.

It’s pretty clear that Taylor has a lot of cool stuff to share with her audience, so she needs a place to host multiple links. Her Link in bio page is an extension of her brand, helping guide her target audience through all the creative things she’s got going on.

Guide your social media followers straight to what matters by customizing your link list with top updates, products, and essential landing pages. You can even link to unique brand content such as a quiz, merch store, or playlist, or send them to a specific product page—and save them the hassle of navigating to find what they need.

11. LaShonda Brown

LaShonda Brown link in bio

LaShonda Brown is another content creator with a lot to offer, which is why a single link is far too limiting. LaShonda uses her Flodesk Link in bio to attract visitors with her freebie—a YouTube Passive Income Guide—and to provide a curated list of her most important content.

On top of that, LaShonda leverages her Instagram post descriptions to entice followers and guide them to her bio link for access to her YouTube channel and opportunities for YouTube coaching. This strategic approach effectively channels visitors from her Instagram feed to her primary focus: YouTube.

Step into the world of a Flodesk Link in bio with three simple steps.

Within Flodesk, navigate to the Forms section and choose Link in bio. Take your pick from an array of stunning templates, click Customize, and add your unique touch in a matter of minutes. 

Hit the Publish button to activate your Link in Bio, then add the exclusive link to your social media profiles. 

Step 3: Watch your list grow

Watch as your list—and your business—keep growing and growing! Share your Link in bio regularly through Instagram Stories, Reels, and posts to get even more subscribers. 

Sarah jones link in bio

Flodesk’s form builder in use for a Link in bio.

Get inspired by the examples above and dive into our templates. Flodesk is designed to equip small business owners like you with the magic of stunning design paired with intuitive tools to drive business growth. 
Ready to kickstart your journey? Choose a template, customize your Link in bio, and watch your audience grow. It’s a breeze! Create yours free.