Breaking news! The future of TikTok’s business in the US is at stake—and with it, so are the many small businesses that are dependent on the platform for revenue and growth. We’re breaking down what’s happening with TikTok, how it impacts small businesses, and the #1 way to protect your business now.

What’s happening?

The parent company of TikTok, ByteDance, has announced that it will not sell TikTok’s business in the United States. This decision comes after months of speculation, negotiations, and regulatory scrutiny surrounding the popular short-form video platform.

The uncertainty surrounding TikTok’s US operations highlights the unpredictable nature of social media platforms. With regulatory concerns and geopolitical tensions influencing the fate of platforms like TikTok, businesses must take action to safeguard their audience and online presence—regardless of whether you’re a TikTok user or not.

What ByteDance’s decision means for small businesses 

Businesses built solely on social media platforms are at risk

Relying solely on social media for audience growth and engagement is inherently risky for businesses. While platforms like TikTok offer unparalleled reach and exposure, they also limit your control over content distribution and audience access. Any changes in algorithms, policies, or ownership can have a profound impact on businesses that are dependent on these platforms.

Diversifying marketing channels is essential to future-proof your business

In an era of digital disruption, safeguarding your business against unforeseen changes is paramount—especially if you’re primarily marketing your brand in rented spaces, like social media. The most sustainable businesses have a diversified marketing strategy in place, allowing for continuous audience engagement irrespective of platform shutdowns, algorithm changes, or shifting trends. 

The time to build an email list is now

An email list gives businesses a direct line of communication with their audience—no matter which platform they’re built on. Unlike social media platforms, where algorithms dictate content visibility, an email list gives you full control over who sees your content and when. By building an audience you own (like an email list), you can mitigate the risks of platforms like TikTok disappearing and protect your business’s long-term growth. 

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2. Customize a template to match your brand

Flodesk Link in bio - olivia sun

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3. Publish and share, everywhere

Custom Link In Bio

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The future is email

In a world where small businesses face ever-changing social algorithms and platform changes, email marketing is a powerful equalizer. Unlike other marketing channels, email promises to place your content in front of your audience consistently. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a multibillion-dollar brand, you’ll get the same spot in the inbox.

ByteDance’s decision not to sell TikTok is a stark reminder of the uncertainties of growing your business in rented spaces like social media. By prioritizing the growth of your email list and leveraging tools like Flodesk’s Link in bio, you can future-proof your business and maintain a direct line of communication with your audience. 

Email is and will continue to be essential to building a successful business. Now is the time to embrace the power of email marketing and protect your business by growing, nurturing, and monetizing your email list. Launch your list now—completely free.