TL;DR: Discover how small business owners are using Flodesk template sharing to grow, plus top tips for putting templates to work in your business.

Discover what you can do with Flodesk template sharing

We recently launched an exciting new feature that will revolutionize your business—giving you a simple new way to create and share email templates with the world.

With Flodesk’s template sharing feature, you can now create, share, and even monetize email templates. Whether you’re a small business owner, a creative entrepreneur, or a content creator, this feature can take your email marketing game (and business growth) to the next level. Here’s how.

1. Turning boring emails into must-read newsletters

Jen Olmstead, co-founder and lead designer of TONIC, is a marketing expert who used to despise email marketing. Now, she says email is hands down the most powerful, enjoyable tool in her business. Her once mundane emails have transformed into the infamous #longandweird newsletters people can’t get enough of. 

Discover Jen’s top email marketing tips, the story behind her template empire, and why she deeply believes in the power of templates for business growth. Read more here.

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2. Transform your services into templates you can monetize

Have you ever considered monetizing your expertise through digital products? If so, you won’t want to miss Cheryl Chan’s story. Cheryl is the creative behind Made on Sundays—a brand design studio for mindful entrepreneurs. 

When she realized that solely trading her time for money wasn’t a sustainable way to grow her business long-term and give her the time freedom she desired, she doubled down on creating diversified passive income streams. Four years later, her business has nine different sources of income—and templates are the #1 source.

Uncover Cheryl’s entrepreneurial journey and learn how to transform your Flodesk emails into passive income easily.

3. Revolutionize your business

Promise Tangeman-Wurzell from GoLive knows the power of templates firsthand. In her recent feature, she reveals how implementing customizable templates completely transformed her business and 5x GoLive’s revenue—propelling the business forward in ways she could’ve never imagined. 

We asked Promise to share more about her journey from freelance creative to award-winning business owner and one of the top-producing Squarespace template shops out there. Learn from her experience and how to leverage Flodesk’s template sharing feature to grow your business.

4. Put your personality first

Elliot Ulm, known as @elliotisacoolguy, is renowned for his bold, humorous designs and infectious personality. His iconic designs poke fun at an industry that can take itself a little too seriously sometimes while educating others on how they can grow their design skills.

In our recent feature, Elliot shares more about his passion for design, what inspires him, and how he’s used the Flodesk template sharing feature to showcase his personality. Get inspired by Elliot’s unique approach and discover how you can unleash your creativity with Flodesk.

5. Beat burnout and grow your impact

Content creation burnout is real, and no one knows that better than Alicia Powell, co-founder and CEO of Pixistock. After experiencing the weight of content burnout firsthand, she launched a stock photo business to help fellow entrepreneurs, which has since transformed into a thriving membership community.

Now, Alicia helps busy female entrepreneurs overcome content burnout and quit asking “what to post?” by offering everything needed to create, plan, and share content easily—including marketing templates, stock photos, and educational resources.

Discover Alicia’s story and how she used templates to beat burnout, amplify her impact, and 6x Pixistock’s revenue.

Create, share, and monetize your email templates

Introducing Flodesk template sharing

With Flodesk’s template sharing feature, the possibilities are truly endless—there’s no stopping what you can do. Join Jen, Cheryl, Promise, Elliot, Alicia, and countless other small business owners in transforming your emails into a shareable template link. 

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