TL;DR: Understanding your astrological blueprint can help you tap into your innate qualities for maximum business success. Discover the four elements and how they relate to entrepreneurship, then dive deeper to unlock your zodiac sign’s unique entrepreneurial archetype.

What do astrology and entrepreneurship have in common? By understanding your unique astrological chart, you can tap into your natural strengths or gain more self-awareness about areas you can improve upon as an entrepreneur, arming you with the knowledge to optimize your business for success.

Business mentor, astrologer, and Flodesk member Cato Vermeulen shares how the four elements show up in business—plus your unique entrepreneurial archetype based on your zodiac sign.

Find out your unique entrepreneurial archetype based on your zodiac sign

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The four elements and how they pertain to your business

The four elements (Fire, Earth, Air, and Water) in astrology represent different qualities and energies associated with the twelve zodiac signs. Each element has its own characteristics that influence how a sign expresses itself and interacts with the world.

To find out the elements you possess, start by looking at your birth chart and identifying which elements you have a dominance of. If you aren’t sure which elements you possess or need a refresher, you can use The Pattern’s free tool to access your astrological birth chart. 

This knowledge can help you better understand your innate strengths and how they might manifest in your career. Dominance of fire elements, for example, usually indicates a person who is filled with passion, energy, and enthusiasm. However, those who have an excessive amount of fire energy can be more prone to volatile outbursts.

On the flip side, it’s also worth considering which elements you might lack in your chart. Having only one planet in a specific element or no planets in an element at all can suggest one of two things: either you’re highly obsessed with the qualities associated with that element, or you feel inadequate in that area of life.

For instance, a lack of air in your chart may result in a strong inclination for communication and a thirst for knowledge, potentially leading to a career as a writer later in life. But it can also lead to challenges in communication and feeling misunderstood or mentally unprepared to tackle significant challenges.

Entrepreneurs who have a dominance of a particular element in their birth chart can leverage its strengths in their business ventures, while those lacking in certain elements can take steps to grow in these areas. 

As an astrologer, it’s crucial to acknowledge that we cannot predict with certainty how something in someone’s chart will manifest. We’re not psychics after all—but we do see potentialities. Our role is to recognize potential and guide individuals toward their soul’s purpose based on their level of consciousness in this present moment.

Now, I’m sharing how a dominance or lack of the four elements can relate to entrepreneurs. Let’s dive in. 

🔥 The fire element

(Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Do fire signs rule your birth chart? If so, you might possess the following innate qualities.

Your strengths:

You bring passion, enthusiasm, and a natural ability to inspire others to your businesses. You’re driven by your desires and have the courage to take risks, making you an excellent innovator and motivator.

Your dynamic energy and leadership qualities can help you attract clients, build a strong team, and ignite a spark of creativity in your projects.

Areas for improvement:
If you have a lot of fire in your birth chart, you’re more likely to grapple with impulsiveness, ego, and overcommitment. You may struggle with patience and maintaining focus, often seeking external validation. As a business owner, you can improve upon these areas by cultivating discipline and patience, prioritizing your goals, and learning how to self-validate to ensure sustainable entrepreneurial success.

🌏 The earth element

(Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

If your birth chart is predominantly filled with earth signs, here’s how your skills might manifest in entrepreneurship.

Your strengths:
You’re practical, reliable, and grounded. People just know they can count on you!

You excel at building solid foundations, managing resources, and ensuring the stability and sustainability of your businesses. You have a strong work ethic and are committed to achieving tangible results. Your practicality and attention to detail make you excellent at organizing and managing projects.

Areas for improvement: 

If there are many earth signs in your chart, you’re likely to resist change and risk with perfectionism and workaholism tendencies. Some challenges you may face include adapting to new trends or embracing innovation, being overly critical of yourself and others, and neglecting self-care and work-life balance due to your dedication to your businesses. Cultivating flexibility, self-compassion, effective delegation, and prioritizing your well-being can help you overcome these challenges and achieve long-term business success.

🌬️ The air element

(Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

If your birth chart is full of air signs, the following qualities might resonate with you.

Your strengths:
You possess intellectual prowess, effective communication skills, and an innovative mindset. You excel at analyzing market trends, generating new ideas, and communicating your vision to others. 

Your ability to network, build connections, and engage in intellectual conversations can help attract clients, form partnerships, and stay ahead in your industry.

Areas for improvement:

If you possess a dominance of air signs, it’s common to struggle with issues such as inconsistency, indecisiveness, and people-pleasing. You may find it difficult to maintain focus, make firm decisions, or deeply engage with your emotions and the emotions of others. By cultivating consistency, emotional awareness, and better decision-making, you can overcome these obstacles and foster more effective communication and relationships.

💧The water element

(Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Do you have a dominance of water signs in your birth chart? If so, here are some qualities you may possess. 

Your strengths:
You bring emotional intelligence, intuition, and empathy into your businesses. You deeply understand human emotions and can connect with your clients on a profound level.

Your ability to navigate the depths of emotions allows you to create products or services that resonate with your target audience’s needs and desires. You excel at building authentic relationships and creating a compassionate and nurturing work environment. You’re great at doing business based on your intuition, people management, and ways of dealing with customer support.

Areas for improvement:
As an individual with many water signs in your chart, you may struggle with emotional sensitivity, secrecy, and idealism. Additionally, you might face challenges in establishing boundaries, being overly sensitive to criticism, and having difficulty trusting others or setting clear goals. You can overcome these challenges by cultivating emotional resilience, transparency, collaboration, and assertiveness. Strategic planning can also help you navigate these challenges to foster growth and success in business.

🌈 A balanced zodiac chart

Some entrepreneurs will have a balance of all four elements in their birth chart. These individuals possess a well-rounded approach to business and can draw upon each element’s strengths, adapting to different situations as they arise. They can connect with others on various levels, analyze market trends, implement practical strategies, and inspire their teams.

Of course, everyone has weaknesses. Entrepreneurs who are able to identify their weaknesses can work on developing the qualities associated with their lacking elements through self-reflection, personal development, and seeking support or mentorship from individuals who possess strengths in those areas.

Find out your unique entrepreneurial archetype based on your zodiac sign

Grab our free download to learn more about your inherent qualities for entrepreneurial success.

Harness your innate qualities to create a fully aligned business

By understanding your elemental strengths and weaknesses, you can leverage your natural talents in entrepreneurship while working to develop or strengthen your lacking elements. This self-awareness allows you to optimize your business strategies, build effective teams, and create businesses that align with your unique astrological blueprint. 

I wholeheartedly believe that we get to build a business that is fully aligned with our authenticity, because that’s truly when abundance truly starts to flow—when we’re maximizing our potential.

Want to learn more about your astrological business blueprint? Discover your entrepreneurial archetype based on your zodiac sign.

Meet your astrologer

Flodesk member and astrologer Cato Vermeulen

Cato Vermeulen is a business mentor, astrologer, writer, and podcaster. She helps online coaches build booked-out businesses they’re absolutely obsessed with.

Astrology plays a pivotal role in Cato’s work, serving as a guiding compass for herself and her clients. By tapping into her clients’ astrological blueprints, she helps them gain clarity on their essence, purpose, and the best ways to activate their potential. With this knowledge, Cato coaches entrepreneurs to discover their niche, align their business strategies, and create offerings that resonate with their ideal audience so they can cultivate a life full of wealth and impact.