TL;DR: Spread the news! Flodesk template sharing is here—and it has the power to radically change how you grow your business. Discover how the feature works and five ways to create and share Flodesk templates.  

It’s 2024. The race to do things better, faster, and bolder is on. And now, you’ve got the tools to help your business (and your audience) do just thatFlodesk template sharing. 

Introducing Flodesk template sharing

Why templates?

We’re living through the ready-made revolution—an era in which entrepreneurs and brands of all shapes and sizes are hungry for proven strategies and templated approaches to doing business. 

Long gone are the days of “start from scratch” websites, social media, and email content. Now, people are eager and willing to pay for the foundational support necessary to accomplish tasks quickly, avoid mistakes from the start, and maximize their efforts. That’s where templates come in.

If you’re a solopreneur or a small business owner with a growing team, you probably use templates every day, whether you realize it or not. Instead of reinventing the wheel whenever you create a social post, write a case study, or design an email newsletter, you likely use a recurring framework. And unless you’re a developer or know how to code, your website probably came from a template, too.

Templates are all around us, and the demand for them is only getting bigger. Free templates, design templates, sales templates, unique templates, template bundles—the list goes on.

If there was ever a time to leverage templates for business growth, it’s now. That’s why we’re thrilled to debut our biggest launch of the year: Flodesk shareable templates. 

Find out everything you need to know about this new feature and explore the top ways you can use it to revolutionize your business.  

How it works: Create, share, and grow with Flodesk template sharing

It’s here! You can now share your favorite Flodesk Email creations through a simple, shareable link. Here’s how. 

1. Create an email that’s uniquely yours

Create a tempate that's uniquely yours

First, use the Flodesk Email builder to customize an email template to your heart’s content. Change everything from the fonts and colors to the layout design and copy, crafting an email that highlights your skills and wows your audience. 

Turn your design into a template sharing link

Once you’ve finished customizing your email template, you can access your shareable link by navigating to the My Emails section of your Flodesk account. Simply scroll over the email you’d like to share, click the “…” in the top right corner of your design, and select Share as a template.

Copy your template’s unique link and share it here, there, and everywhere.

You can also select Get preview link to experience what your audience will see when they click on your shared template link.

3. Get growing

Share your template and earn affiliate referral income

And voila! Your template is ready to share with the world and fuel your business any way you like (keep reading for some inspiration to get started). Start with one and grow from there—there’s no limit to the number of Flodesk templates you can create and share.

The best part? Your template link is your Flodesk affiliate link, earning you $19 for every person who signs up as a paid member through your link. This means you can earn revenue from sharing your templates even if you don’t monetize the templates themselves. Yes, really.

Grow your business with Flodesk template sharing

Turn any email into a shareable template you can use to make money, save time, grow your list, or share exclusives.

What types of Flodesk templates can you create?

Currently, template sharing is only available for Flodesk Email. But you can create truly endless types of email templates—especially with the creative freedom and design flexibility Flodesk’s builder gives you. Every industry can benefit from email templates, such as:

  • Email newsletter templates
  • Welcome email sequence templates
  • Nurture email sequence templates
  • Sales email sequence templates
  • Niche-specific email design templates

And so much more.

5 ways to revolutionize your business with Flodesk template sharing

Discover what you can do with Flodesk template sharing

1. Create a passive income stream with templates

If you’ve ever found yourself brainstorming ways to diversify your income or make passive revenue, you’ll want to try this new feature. Template sharing is an easy yet effective way to monetize your expertise, whether you’re a designer, copywriter, strategist, or artist—you name it. 

What’s powerful about digital products, like templates, is that you can create them once and continue earning from them forever. And amid the ready-made revolution, where businesses are time-poor or eager for quick results, there’s a growing demand for marketing templates—like emails. 

Start by funneling your design, writing, or marketing skills into an email template in Flodesk that your audience can quickly and easily access with the click of a button. Then, price your template and create an irresistible sales page to promote it on your website or Flodesk Checkout page. 

Flodesk member Jemilla Mills-Smith, the small business owner and creative genius behind Storytella Studios™ says,  “Templates can be a great way to build passive income while showcasing your expertise and positioning yourself as a thought leader who is worth the investment for your other paid offers.” 

She uses Flodesk Checkout to sell her welcome email sequence template. She says, “I love how it’s able to highlight the best parts of my welcome sequence template.”

2. Surprise your community with template exclusives

With Flodesk template sharing, you can make your community feel extra special by creating and sharing designs or copy inside email templates they won’t find anywhere else. It’s a simple way to boost engagement with your subscribers while positioning yourself as a thought leader.

You can even create templates without putting forth any extra time or effort by tapping into the frameworks you’re already using in your own business. Scroll through your previous Flodesk emails or favorite designs, select one, and edit it to feel evergreen (meaning it’s generic enough for someone to use at any point in time).

Then, get your audience scrambling to access your email template by sharing its impact on your business, such as revenue gained, time saved, or engagement won.

3. Grow your email list with a freebie email template

If you’re looking for a sign to update your opt-in freebie, this is it. Rather than share a freebie with your audience that they’ll need to copy and paste into a tool or download and implement themselves, why not deliver a beautiful email template they can easily access and save in just a few clicks?

Placing your freebie into a stunning Flodesk template that’s uniquely yours will feel ultra-personal while showcasing your expertise. As a bonus, you can fill the parts of your email template that your audience may change (like your email copy, images, and testimonials) with content that puts your brand front and center—promoting your top offers or products in a subtle way before you’ve even sent them an email.

Here’s an example for inspiration.

4. Share your designs across Flodesk accounts

Template sharing allows you to share your email designs across Flodesk accounts. This is ideal for email marketing managers or small businesses that manage multiple accounts and want to streamline their processes. 

Now, instead of spending extra time recreating your favorite designs or layouts, you can create a shareable template link, access it from each of your Flodesk accounts, and save it to your favorites.

5. Support another small business owner

Sharing is caring. While there are endless ways you can use template sharing to grow your revenue, engagement, or email list, you can also use it to lend your expertise to the small business community.

Consider sharing one of your favorite templates with your business bestie, a fellow Flodesk Insider, or a local small business within your own community. 

Turn any email into a template you can share with the world

Fuel your business with Flodesk template sharing any way you like—make money, save time, grow your list, share exclusives.

Welcome to the ready-made revolution

We believe we’re on the cusp of evolution. A shift toward a future where small businesses rule the economy, and ready-made templates empower them to do so. You didn’t trade a 9 to 5 to work 24/7. Systems, templates, and technology have the power to simultaneously decrease your workload and increase your revenue as a small business. 

Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, Flodesk template sharing opens up a world of opportunities to turn your creativity and skills into mesmerizing creations people will love. Go ahead—give it a try. The world needs what you’ve got.