TL;DR: Meet Cody Hays—the powerhouse behind Marketing Mission, a nonprofit marketing strategy agency. Discover how he uses Flodesk to automate his email nurturing and make money while he sleeps.

Cody Hays Marketing Mission

Email nurturing can be transformative for business growth—but without the right tools, consistently engaging your list can feel time-consuming and difficult to maintain. No one knows that better than Marketing Mission CEO Cody Hays. 

Marketing Mission helps nonprofits build effective, streamlined marketing strategies without sacrificing their time, energy, or sanity. The Marketing Mission team empowers leaders to develop targeted marketing initiatives that get to the heart of their mission and values rather than creating content for the sake of it. Cody says, “They don’t have to be content-creating machines. They just have to figure out the kind of stories they want to be telling.”

The challenge 

While Cody was helping his clients uplevel their marketing strategies, he struggled to consistently create email marketing content for his own. By the time he finished helping his clients boost their brand awareness, grow an audience, and fundraise, there wasn’t much time left to write Marketing Mission’s email newsletters.

Knowing that nurturing his list could keep his business growing while providing his audience value and fostering meaningful relationships, he searched for an easy-to-use tool to engage subscribers effortlessly. “I knew I needed a way to nurture my audience that didn’t require sitting down and sending an email every single week,” he explains. 

Cody Hays from Marketing Mission

In his search, Cody realized many providers price their plans based on subscriber count, requiring users to pay more as their list grows. He says, “I knew as a small business owner, going with a different tool like Mailchimp or Constant Contact just wasn’t going to be financially sustainable. Having such a clear, concise, and transparent pricing system made choosing Flodesk a no-brainer.”

Build relationships while you sleep

Automate a personal journey for each subscriber with Flodesk Workflows.

Flodesk to the rescue: How nurturing led to one $61,000 email

Flodesk saves Cody time, money, and effort. Best of all, it empowers him to build meaningful relationships with his audience and maximize Marketing Mission’s growth. Discover how Cody uses Flodesk to nurture his list on autopilot—which led to a single email resulting in $61,000 in sales.

1. Create a beautifully branded email template

Flodesk completely changed Cody’s approach to email marketing. First, he used Flodesk’s stunning email templates to create a branded newsletter design he could use over and over.

Flodesk Email Templates

Then, rather than squeezing in an hour each week to write an email for his list, he spent three weeks over the summer collaborating with his team to develop a year’s worth of newsletter content.

2. Set up an email nurture sequence

Next, Cody set up marketing automations with Flodesk Workflows to automatically add new subscribers to Marketing Mission’s nurture sequence. This ensures everyone on his list receives his weekly newsletters—without requiring him to lift a finger.

Workflow builder

Having an automated nurture sequence in place gives Cody more time to send other personalized, high-converting messages to his audience. He explains, “Instead of spending time writing an email, I can record a video for a potential client, introduce myself, and make a really great personal connection, which will ideally lead to a sale down the line.”

3. Turn subscribers into sales

Nurturing his email list year-round has done much more than free up Cody’s time—it also delivers his audience valuable, informational content throughout the year while familiarizing subscribers with the brand and warming them for sales. 

By building brand trust, authority, and engagement ahead of sales, his subscribers are more likely to become paying customers. Cody says, “By the time November and December come around and we send out emails explaining how people can work with us in the year ahead, folks are already primed for it because they’re familiar with us.”

Marketing Mission Email Example

That’s exactly what happened when Cody sent this email. Because Marketing Mission had been educating and interacting with their list throughout the year, this simple message produced $61,000 in sales. 

Automate a personal journey for each subscriber

Build relationships while you sleep with Flodesk Workflows.

The impact of email nurturing

Flodesk gives Cody the tools he needs to consistently nurture his list, build meaningful relationships, and sell—while giving him more time to focus on other areas of his business.

Cody says email nurturing has been instrumental in gaining more nonprofit marketing strategy clients.

“When the time came for people to decide who to work with, it was an easy decision because they recognized me, my work, and the strategies we’d been sharing throughout the year. That consistency was really important.”

By creating an automated nurture sequence to serve his list ahead of year-end sales, he made $61,000 from a single email. 

Nurture relationships while you sleep with Flodesk

Nurturing your email list doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Create a nurture sequence and set up a Flodesk Workflow to seamlessly deliver value to your subscribers all year long, just like Cody. 

Flodesk’s intuitive visual builder makes publishing an automated series of beautiful emails a breeze. Choose from one of our ready-made workflow templates, or start from scratch. Brand your emails in minutes, add content your audience will love, and set automation rules to personalize the experience even further. 

There’s never been a better time to start nurturing your list. Try Flodesk free.

Explore Marketing Mission’s website or find Cody on Instagram @marketingmissionorg.