Fresh air, warmer weather and blooming flowers. What’s not to love about spring? 

As a business owner, spring presents a great opportunity to share relevant seasonal messages with your customers—especially via an email newsletter—and drive sales for your business. You can offer spring-inspired deals, discounts, releases and other relevant content in your newsletter.

The bad news? You have fierce competition. The average person receives about 121 business emails per day—that’s a lot of emails! So, your newsletter needs to make a great first impression to get noticed in a sea of seasonal marketing emails. It all starts with having an irresistible subject line and a beautiful design that keeps your audience glued to their screens (and your emails!) 

In this article, we’ll share interesting spring newsletter ideas that your customers can’t resist.

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Spring holidays you’ll need newsletter ideas for

There’s a lot to celebrate in spring, so it might be tempting to offer discounts or deals for every spring event or celebration. But it’s best to only select the ones that really resonate with your brand. For example, if you sell sustainable products, offering an Earth Day special deal would make perfect sense.

Besides, offering too many discounts could reduce the value of your products in the eyes of your customers and ultimately hurt your business. So, be sure to prioritize holidays that make the most sense for your business.

Below is a list of the most important spring holidays to help you plan your email marketing campaigns.

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14 spring newsletter ideas to keep your audience engaged

If you are looking for inspiration to help you create your spring newsletter, here are some of the best newsletter ideas to get you started.

1. The spring release newsletter

Spring is the perfect time to release a new product because most people are in shopping mode. For example, web traffic for dresses is 16% higher in spring than in summer. 

As you’d notice in the image above, Myrtle takes advantage of the holiday mood in this spring release newsletter. The email announces some of the brand’s exclusive spring arrivals and offers customers a chance to preview before the sale. It uses the right combination of colors and a photo to draw attention. The copy is upbeat and inspires the reader to take action.

Here are other spring new release subject line ideas:

  • Announcing our 2022 spring release
  • Ready for our spring release?
  • A new release for spring

If you need ideas for your product launch or release email newsletters, check out these 15 New Product Launch Email Template Examples.

2. The spring sale newsletter

Spring is a great time to make sales and An Indigo Day grabs the opportunity with this elegantly designed newsletter. Customers will find it hard to resist the discounts and spring-themed coupon codes that are up for grabs. The layout is clean and includes well-placed product photos.

Here are other spring sale subject line ideas:

  • Here’s your spring special coupon
  • Our spring sale is live. Take [X%] off 
  • 24 hours left. Grab this springtime offer NOW.

3. The spring menu newsletter

Westerly’s vibrant spring menu announcement newsletter is perfect for the season. The strategically placed high-quality fruit photos are sure to whet customers’ appetites and get them interested in the menu.

If you run a food business, spring is a perfect time to roll out a new menu. This is because spring marks a fresh start for many people and they are eager to try new things–including menus.

Here are other spring menu/recipes subject line ideas:

  • Check out our exciting spring menu 
  • Top recipes to try this spring
  • Spring + [menu] = yumminess

4. The spring product guide newsletter

This newsletter from The Armoury addresses a topic that’s useful to its customers–how to choose fabrics in spring. Although the brand’s colors are cool and understated, they manage to throw in a bit of orange and green in the spirit of the season. 

Borrow a leaf from The Armoury and share useful tips on how to make the most of your product or service in a spring newsletter. Your customers will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Here are other spring product guide subject line ideas:

  • Tips for how to use X product this spring
  • A guide for spring: how to make the most of your [product]
  • Our top tips for spring

5. The celebratory newsletter

This newsletter from Cater2me is full of pleasant eye-popping colors. The tone is upbeat and celebratory. Phrases like “fresh flavors” and “warmer temperatures” match the vibe of the season. And there are mouth-watering food photos to boot!

Here are other celebratory spring subject line ideas:

  • It’s spring 🎉 Here’s how we’re celebrating…
  • Loving the spring feeling? 
  • Celebrate springtime with [offer]

6. The spring cleanse newsletter

Spring cleaning is a big deal–a whopping 91% of Americans engage in some form of cleaning during spring. Food52 leverages this insight by offering a spring cleanse newsletter for its customers. First, there’s the interesting custom graphic that immediately captures the reader’s attention. Then, the email contains links to articles that readers will find helpful.

Here are other spring cleanse subject line ideas:

  • Hello spring. It’s clean-up time!
  • Spring into action with our top cleaning tips
  • Roll-up them sleeves [an emoji]

7. The nature-themed newsletter

Spring marks the opening for most outdoor activities and Allbirds understands this. Allbirds announces its running shoes with a nod to nature, an irresistible nudge for outdoor enthusiasts. The email is well-laid out, with a strategically-placed product image and unmissable CTAs.

Here are other nature-themed spring subject line ideas:

  • Listen, its nature calling.
  • Sprouting inspired.
  • Sweet, sunny and calm.

8. The spring collection newsletter

This straightforward email from Howler Brothers announces its spring collection with a well-written newsletter. The copy is witty, highlights the benefits of the product and includes a clear call to action. The well-spaced layout makes the email an easy read. Customers are clear about why they need this collection for the season.

Here are other spring collection subject line ideas:

  • [name of company] spring collections
  • [year] [name of company] bathing suits set
  • Kids swim vest batch for spring [year]

9. The holiday-themed newsletter

This witty newsletter from Packlane keys into an important spring holiday–Easter. The copy plays on the word “egg,” which has symbolic meaning during Easter. The email layout is clean and includes lots of white space.

Here are other holiday-themed spring subject line ideas:

  • 30% off for Easter arrivals
  • Don’t miss this! 25% off on St. Patrick’s Day
  • Here’s your Easter discount

10. The spring refresh newsletter

This beautiful email newsletter takes advantage of the “fresh start” feeling associated with spring. offers customers a discount to update their living spaces. The discount offer is bold and unmissable and there’s a note about the offer ending soon to create a sense of urgency.

Here are other spring refresh newsletter subject line ideas:

  • Get new [product] this spring 
  • New [product] for a fresh spring look
  • Hi [name], you need a spring refresh.

11. The spring favorites newsletter

This gorgeous email newsletter from Plated offers readers a collection of spring favorites. The design incorporates vibrant colors, clean photography and beautiful typography. Plus, the copy captures the essence of the season and encourages customers to take action.

Here are other spring favorites newsletter subject line ideas:

  • Your spring favorites, get yours at [name]
  • Made just for you in springtime
  • Here’s our handpicked spring favorites

12. The International Women’s Day newsletter

This newsletter from Moment is thoughtful and well-designed. The crux of the email–the giveaway–is cleverly highlighted at the beginning of the email. This is followed by a relevant image of gifts, concise copy and a call to action. Notice how the words ‘International Women’s Day’ create the circular silhouette of a camera lens, characteristic of the Moment brand.

Here are other International Women’s Day-inspired subject line ideas:

  • Celebrate women with X% off
  • Here’s your IWD special deal
  • A special discount for women only

A Women’s Day release is also ideal for nonprofit newsletters!

13. The spring break email newsletter

This newsletter from Saxx Underwear offers customers an irresistible spring break deal. The bold headline announcing the discount is cleverly placed against the product image. The newsletter design is bold, bright and season-appropriate.

Here are other spring break newsletter subject line ideas:

  • Here’s your spring break deal
  • Happy spring breaking
  • Get a break on spring break

14. The spring in-store sales event newsletter

This email from Tea Collection for an in-store spring sales event features refreshingly unique graphics. The text and designs are pleasantly laid out. Offers are boldly highlighted with a big “ends today” sign to drive home the urgency.

Here are other examples of in-store sales event newsletter subject lines:

  • Spring sales alert: Get 20% off at our store
  • X% OFF when you shop at [Store Location] this spring break
  • Our in-store spring sales event is live!

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5 spring email design tips and best practices

Once you’re ready to start drafting your spring emails, here are 5 important design tips and best practices to keep in mind.

Craft an attention-grabbing subject line

Let’s face it, if your subject line doesn’t stand out in your reader’s inbox, your email won’t get opened, even if you get every other thing right. 

So, writing an irresistible subject line gets your foot in the door. In fact, 47% of email recipients open emails based solely on the subject line. But here’s the kicker: 69% of email recipients will report your email as spam based on the subject line! So, you really need to get your subject line right.

Here are some quick tips:

  • Keep it short and to-the-point
  • Personalize it
  • Create urgency
  • Include relevant emojis

For a detailed guide on how to write subject lines, read How to Write Click-Worthy Email Subject Lines.

Use a responsive email template

Here’s what we know: more emails are now read on mobile devices. One study found that 61.9% of email opens occur on mobile devices. Keep in mind, though, that 23% of consumers who open an email on a mobile device will check the email again on a desktop. The takeaway here is to ensure your emails look great no matter what device your customers use.

How do you do this? Start by choosing a responsive email marketing software, like Flodesk. Flodesk’s intuitive email builder allows you to design emails that look amazing on any device. You can choose from several templates, or create your own from scratch.

When creating graphics, choose colors that emphasize the season. Warm and vibrant colors like green, red and yellow are reminiscent of spring, but be sure to choose colors that match your brand. Read this post on how to use email marketing graphics to create attention-grabbing emails for more insight.

Include a prominent call to action

If you want your customers to take action after reading your email, then you need to include a strong call to action. The desired action you want your customers to take should be clear to your customers. Place your call-to-action button strategically to maximize clicks and conversions. 

Emails with a single call-to-action increased clicks by 371% and sales by 1617%. So, consider using only one CTA per email. If you use multiple CTAs, ensure that your primary call to action button is highly visible and takes priority over other CTAs.

For best results, keep your CTAs short, catchy and urgent. You could also personalize and tailor your CTAs to the customers’ specific needs.

Use relevant images

Including the right image in your email newsletter can help you grab the reader’s attention, increase clicks and conversions. Research shows that emails that include some kind of imagery have 4.5% higher click-through rates than text-based emails.

So, be sure to include at least one relevant image or graphic, ideally in the newsletter introduction. For spring newsletters, these should be graphics that portray the new season. Your email marketing tool can also make this easier. For example, Flodesk integrates with Giphy and Unsplash, which means you can add animated GIFs and free images into your emails without ever leaving the email builder. 

It’s also important to place your images strategically so that they capture the reader’s attention immediately they open your emails. Use high-resolution images that complement your text and use a consistent editing style for photos or design style for graphics.
Keep in mind that not all email recipients enable images in their inboxes—43% of recipients read emails without turning on images. So, ensure that your email will still make full meaning without the images or graphics included.

Pay attention to typography

Use bold text to draw attention to the important parts of your newsletter, such as discounts or headlines. Avoid using too many headlines or font styles because they make your newsletter design inconsistent and disorganized. Choose fonts that render properly on any device. For example, Flodesk offers over 100 custom font styles that display correctly in every inbox.


Spring is a great time to send heartwarming newsletters to your customers. Brainstorm spring-related topics that fit perfectly with your audience and create campaigns around them. Once you’ve chosen a topic, craft an engaging subject line that will capture your reader’s interest and use spring-themed graphics and images to make your newsletter pop. With Flodesk’s intuitive email builder, you can create stunning email designs that look great on any device. Start a free trial today.

FAQs on spring newsletter ideas

1. What should be included in a spring newsletter?

Your spring newsletter should include a subject line, header, body content and a footer. Your subject line should be catchy and tailored to the season. You should also include relevant images or graphics and a clear call to action. The specific topic of your email will depend on your business or services. For example, if you run a cleaning business, you can offer spring cleaning tips and ideas. You could also run a spring-themed promotion.

2. What are good topics for a spring newsletter?

Spring is usually characterized by vacations and a focus on the outdoors. Depending on the type of products or services you offer, below are a few broad topics that could interest your newsletter readers:

  • Upcoming events 
  • Product launch announcements
  • Cleaning/home maintenance tips
  • Vacation tips/guides
  • Family/home activities 
  • Outdoor activities
  • Promotions, sales and deals
  • Environmental themes

3. How do I write an engaging spring newsletter subject line?

Start by crafting an attention-grabbing subject line. Keep your audience in mind and use graphics and images that will pique their interest. Ensure that the content of your email aligns with the subject line and make your customers an irresistible offer.