And just like that, another year comes to a close. As we reflect on 2023, we’d like to take a moment to celebrate the very best part of our year: you.

Watching you pursue your dreams and achieve success brings us immense joy, inspiration, and purpose. You are the reason we built Flodesk, and we’re truly honored to be a part of your business journey. 

We know there is nothing small about running a small business. So, let’s pause for a moment and celebrate all that you’ve accomplished this year. Revel in your wins (both big and small), the connections you made, money earned, and lessons learned. Join us in celebrating another year of small business success—from your sends to your sales.

Your year in business

This year, Flodesk members:

Grew their email list by 36% compared to 2022.

Sent over 7 billion emails—7,073,318,073 to be exact.

Gained 20,0560,189 subscribers. Impressive.

Created 234,629 opt-in forms. Hello, growth.

Published 116,568 workflows. Phew.

Visited Flodesk Analytics 453,544 times. Smart.

Your favorite templates of 2023

We loved seeing all of your creations this year—from stunning email newsletters to irresistible sales pages and everything in between. Of all the Flodesk templates and layout blocks you used to create beautifully branded designs, these were your favorites:

Everything we launched together this year

Your input continues to shape the future of Flodesk. Every year, our team pores over your top requests to deliver more features, integrations, and updates that can help your business thrive. And this year, we debuted more releases than ever before.

In case you missed a launch (or a few), here’s a look back at everything we built together this year:

Flodesk analytics

Brand new insights to help you double down on what’s actually working for you (and ditch what isn’t) so you can maximize your business growth. Finally. Optimize your email marketing and sales strategies with powerful analytics, all in one easy-to-understand dashboard. Access yours here.

With Flodesk Analytics, you can find out:

  • Everything about your subscribers
  • Everything about your emails
  • Everything about your workflows
  • Everything about your forms
  • Everything about your checkouts

The days of clunky, costly link in bio tools are over thanks to Flodesk Link in bio: the easiest way to turn your social media followers into subscribers and start capturing emails directly from your social profile. And the best part? It’s completely free. 

This product might be one of our team’s all-time favorite launches of 2023 because it gives beginners and experts alike free access to the foundational tools necessary to grow an email list and, by extension, a thriving business. If you haven’t created your social form already, it only takes five minutes to do and can convert 40x better than traditional website forms. Create yours free.

Flodesk member and creator Taylor Loren made the switch to a Flodesk Link in bio this year to promote her personal brand and waitlist signups for her online course. She loves using it to grow her email list, adding, “When you click on my link in bio and go to the links on my website, it all looks so seamless. And I love the ability to get newsletter subscribers right from the link in my bio, too!”

Top integrations and an API, oh my!

By popular demand, we launched *a lot* of exciting integrations this year so that you can easily connect Flodesk to your favorite digital tools. Now you can directly integrate Flodesk with the following apps without the need for third-party tools, like Zapier or Pabbly Connect:

  • Interact quiz
  • Marvelous
  • Podia

In addition to direct integrations, you can now access Flodesk’s API under the Integrations tab in your Account Settings. This means if you’re working with a developer (or are a developer), you now have full freedom and flexibility to connect Flodesk with your custom website, online store, third-party tools, forms, and apps.

Don’t see your business tools listed? Help shape the future of Flodesk by submitting your top integration requests. And stay tuned for even more integration releases in 2024!

Custom Link In Bio

This year, we released two exciting new features that allow you to brand your Flodesk Link in bio, Full page form, and Checkout links: Flodesk handles to lead with a unique subdomain and custom links to tailor every link you create. 

Now, instead of using a randomly generated handle like, you can customize your handle to be And for your links, instead of, you can customize a URL to or whatever you like. Learn everything you need to know about Flodesk handles and custom links.

Countdown timers 

The world’s most intuitive (and gorgeous) countdown timer is here! Enhance your emails and Checkout sales pages with countdown timers that drive urgency, increase engagement, and boost sales by up to 50%—all while staying beautifully on-brand. 

Third-party countdown timers can cost hundreds of dollars a year. Now, you get it free with your Flodesk membership. And instead of spending hours customizing a timer or editing code, you can create a fully customized timer in mere minutes.

E-commerce blocks

New ecommerce blocks for emails

Did you know you can now turn your emails into a virtual storefront that beautifully displays your offerings for maximum sales? Get more eyeballs (and clicks) on whatever you’re selling—whether you offer products, services, online courses, or more.

This new feature is perfect for businesses with multiple offers to promote or for those who want to make more sales through email, no website necessary. 

New templates

New email templates 2023

Last but not least, we launched new professionally designed email templates optimized for sales to help you exceed your revenue goals—during busy season and beyond. Choose your favorite template for a simple sales or discount offer, e-commerce showcase, roundup, or whatever you like. Then, customize it to make it yours. There’s no stopping what you can create!

A refreshed brand rooted in the spirit of our values

Earlier this year, our brand team debuted the new Flodesk brand: a refreshed identity that embodies the warmth of our community and the rigor of our intuitive platform in an uncluttered and confident way. For over one year, our small team collaborated with DIA studio to bring this rebrand to life. 

Flodesk was created to empower small businesses with an intuitive, design-centric platform that enhances their brands through stunning emails and sales pages. But Flodesk is more than just nice aesthetics—it’s also about the continuous process of crafting and nurturing a profound connection with your audience. Our refreshed identity provides a more holistic representation of this essence and our broader community. It’s designed to inspire, uplift, and support the prosperity of our members.

Our CEO, Martha Bitar, says, “At Flodesk, we not only celebrate the humanity of our members but also actively encourage them to embrace their individuality.”

Flodesk Refreshed Identity

You can learn more about the rebranding project here

Flodesk and you: Events, podcasts, and more

There’s nothing we love more than supporting small businesses and getting to meet with our members in person or online. Our team had the honor of attending, speaking at, and sponsoring numerous events this year, from The Heart Conference and Boss Vision Con in Texas to Yellow Conference in California. 

The Flodesk team at the Heart Conference in Dallas

The Flodesk team at the Heart Conference in Dallas, TX

We joined the community’s podcasts and interviews, sharing our thoughts on topics like listening to your customers, growing your list with quizzes, and Flodesk’s rebrand. No matter where we connected with you this year, we’re so humbled and grateful for all of it.

Thank you for letting us be part of your 2023. Want to see us in your event, podcast, or social feed in 2024? Fill out this form.

The best is yet to come

Daring to bring your creativity into this world is no small feat. You’ve chosen to bet on yourself, build a business, and create a legacy we are deeply honored to be a part of.

Thank you for trusting us and continuing to shape the future of Flodesk. We’re building this for you, with you, always. Here’s to the moments that made 2023 and a bright and brilliant 2024. We’re rooting for you fiercely—all 365 days of the year.

The Flodesk Leadership team