Are you new to Flodesk’s affiliate program? Wondering how to make that first successful referral? Look no further! This step-by-step tutorial is designed to help you get started and make your first affiliate commission.

At Flodesk, we want to empower you to succeed in business and achieve your revenue goals. That’s why we’ve created an affiliate program that makes generating passive income easier than ever before—and we’d love for YOU to be a part of it. 

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How to get started as a Flodesk affiliate

As an affiliate, every time someone joins Flodesk as a paid member through your link, they’ll get 50% off their first year of Flodesk, and you’ll get an affiliate payout. It’s a win-win! Today, we’re walking you through how to get your first referral with Flodesk. Before we get started, make sure you’re logged into your Flodesk account.

Ready to dive into things? Once you’ve logged into your Flodesk account, navigate to your Account dashboard by clicking on the top right-hand corner of the screen. Select ‘Share Flodesk 💸.’

This is where you can access your affiliate dashboard and your referral link—a unique URL you can easily copy and share with your community. To ensure your brand shines through, customize your referral link by clicking on the pencil icon and changing the URL slug. We recommend updating yours to something you can easily remember, like your name or your business’ name. The choice is yours!

To make sharing (and earning) as easy as possible, we’ve created an affiliate success kit full of swipe copy and graphics for you to use—which you can access within your dashboard

What’s great about this dashboard is that you can easily track your total earnings,  upcoming payouts, and analytics—all in one place. It’s so simple to refer and earn!

Now, you’ll notice a ‘Paypal email’ field just below the earnings section of the dashboard. Before you begin sharing your link, it’s important to add your Paypal information here so that we can send you your payouts. By inputting your information, your earnings will be automatically deposited into your Paypal account two weeks after a commission is earned.

3 simple ways to refer and earn as a Flodesk affiliate

Now that you’re familiar with your affiliate dashboard and the way the program works, here are a few easy ways you can start getting referrals through your link right away:

It takes less than a minute to do and can earn you hundreds of dollars in passive income. To turn yours on, simply navigate to “My account” and select “Branding.” Then, scroll down and toggle the footer on. Click here to turn yours on.

Made with love in Flodesk footer

Tell your audience why you love Flodesk and how they can get 50% off their first year simply by signing up through your link. You can even use your Link in bio’s link list to drive more traffic to your page!

Link in bio link list example

3. Send an email to your community

What better way to get your subscribers excited about email marketing than by wrapping a heartfelt message in one of Flodesk’s beautiful email templates? Send an email telling your subscribers about the impact email has had on your business, plus what you love about using Flodesk.

Flodesk Email Templates

Together, let’s help small businesses stand out, bring their brand to life, and boldly sell their offers.