2022 is here and that means it’s time to make a plan to crush your biggest business goals yet. One of the best ways to get serious about your business growth is to prioritize your email marketing strategy, including sending emails to your list consistently. 

We want to help you get set up for success to do just that. And all it takes is starting with a single step. Join the New Year Email Challenge to send out your first email of the year, from now until February 28.

Join the New Year Email Challenge

Create & share your first email of 2022 from now until Feb 28

Need some inspo?

If you haven’t joined yet, it’s not too late! Check out the community’s creations below for inspiration to get started. From emails reminding people you’re taking on new clients to newsletters sharing what’s fresh in your shop, the possibilities for what to share are endless. Keep reading for pre-written templates below to help you hit send—fast.

Why should I join the New Year Email Challenge?

Whether you’ve been sending emails regularly or don’t have a clue what to say, we’re in this together. 

Joining the challenge will help you:

  • Take the first step to achieving your 2022 business goals through email, the most effective marketing channel that generates $42 for every $1 spent 
  • Feel empowered with the tools and templates available to you to connect with your audience on your own terms
  • Set your intention/re-commit to prioritize your email marketing this year

How do I join the New Year Email Challenge?

Joining the challenge was made to be easy to help you get a jumpstart on the new year. 

To join from now until February 28:

  1. Design your first email of 2022—Choose from one of our curated templates or start from scratch.
  2. Send it to your list—Don’t have a list yet? Get started quickly, even without a website. 
  3. Share your creation—Take a screenshot and share it on Instagram with the hashtag #2022emailchallenge. Don’t forget to tag us @flodesk to be featured! 

What should I say in my first email of the year?

Remember that the best emails are the ones that help your business—and your customers. Check out our email ideas, along with pre-written templates below, that can help you get started quickly.

Remind subscribers you’re back in the office 

With the holiday slow down, your audience probably misses hearing from you. Use the new year as a chance to reconnect, letting them know you’re back in the office and ready to take on new projects. 

Grab the copy below, then customize it to make it your own.

Headline: We’re back! 

Copy: We’re officially back from our winter break and ready to take on new projects. If you’re as excited to make waves in 2022 as we are, let’s talk about your social media content strategy! Schedule your free consultation call to uncover your biggest opportunity areas and finally find out if you should be on TikTok (spoiler alert: yes!). 

CTA: Schedule my consultation

Inspire customers who are craving change

Whether it’s in their home, finances or health, people tend to embrace change and welcome improvement in all areas of their life with every new year. Seize the opportunity to inspire your subscribers and encourage them to take action with an email that shows how they can reach their goals.

Grab the copy below, then customize it to make it your own.

Headline: 5 living room transformations under $1K

Copy: Thinking about updating your living room this year? Don’t let a smaller budget stop you. We’re sharing 5 of our favorite living room makeovers—all done for less than $1,000—to prove you don’t need a whole lot to get the job done. 

CTA: See More

P.s. Want help redesigning your space? Our team helps with projects of all sizes. Schedule your discovery call with us today. 

Share an offer

Help your subscribers ring in the new year with a special offer that’ll make their 2022 that much better. Use one of our sales Layouts to put your offer front and center.

Grab the copy below, then customize it to make it your own.

Headline: The 2022 planner your year deserves

Copy: We love new years as much as we love new planners. Get 25% off all 2022 planners from now through the end of February. 

CTA: Get 25% off

Let them know what’s new

Got something new in the works for 2022? Share your updates with your list and let them know what’s in store for the rest of the year. Remember—your subscribers signed up because they want to hear from you. Sharing relevant information and exciting news is always click-worthy.

Grab the copy below, then customize it to make it your own.

Headline: New year, new look

Copy: 2022 brought us a new boutique space! We have double the space for even more of the clothing brands you love and a new event space for hosting workshops and meetups. Come shop with us in our historic, light-filled space and enjoy a glass of champagne while browsing our new arrivals. And stay tuned for the first workshop in early February! We can’t wait to see you soon.

CTA: Shop with us

Ask a question

Still not sure what to say in your first email of the year? Ask a question! Find out what your subscribers want to hear more about. Or ask what their 2022 goals and challenges are. Not only does this open up a dialog, you can use this information to customize the content you send out for the rest of the year to truly serve your list. 

Grab the copy below, then customize it to make it your own.

Headline: Share your biggest 2022 goal

Copy: If you listen to my podcast, you know how much I love helping people set and crush their goals. But I can only help if you share your goal first. So I’d love to know: What’s your biggest goal this year? Hit reply and let me know.  

CTA: Share your goal

How do I send an email in Flodesk?

New to Flodesk or email marketing in general? We created a detailed guide on the 3 Steps to Send Out Your Flodesk Email

And see how easy it is to edit a template and make it your own with our drag-and-drop builder in the video below:

Set yourself up for 2022 success

Ready to put your best foot forward to reach your business goals faster with email marketing this year? Join the challenge to get started! 

Pick a template to customize and share with your list today.