Flodesk Analytics is here. Brand new insights that help you double down on what’s actually working (and ditch what isn’t) so you can grow your business. 

We sat down with scores of members to understand what data you need most to help you optimize your email marketing and sales strategies. What we heard loud and clear was the need for:

  1. A high-level overview of how your email marketing and checkouts are performing
  2. The ability to more easily compare metrics across emails, forms, workflows, and checkouts
  3. Downloadable reports

You’ll find all of the above in Flodesk Analytics—plus powerful insights that you can take action on right away. 

So while at its most basic level, Flodesk Analytics is a set of charts, graphs, tables, (basically—visualized data) that gives you a detailed look at how your subscribers, emails, forms, workflows, and checkouts are performing, it’s so much more than that. 

With Flodesk Analytics, you’ll finally be able to answer your most pressing questions, including…

How is my list growing over time?

What to do next: A healthy list is a growing list. If you see your list growth is slowing down, consider stepping up promotion of your freebie, creating a new freebie offer, and/or making sure your form is included in all the optimal places on your website

Where are my new subscribers coming from?

What to do next: Discover how subscribers are joining your list so you can double down on initiatives that work best to keep your list growing. 

What’s the best day of the week to send emails to my audience?

What to do next: Start scheduling your email sends with confidence. Send them out when your subscribers are most likely to open them. 

What time of day do my subscribers open my emails?

What to do next: Perfect your email timing! Discover which time of day subscribers are most engaged. 

Start making data-driven decisions to grow your business

Find out how with Flodesk Analytics

Who are my top 10 most engaged subscribers?

What to do next: Take the next step to deepen your relationship with your super fans, whether that’s offering them a special discount, sending them exclusive content, or asking them to help spread the word about your business. 

Which workflows are performing the best? Least?

What to do next: Discover which workflows drive the most engagement (and which don’t). Just click the top of each column to sort. Examine your top performing workflows, study what’s working well, then use this information to give your other workflows some extra love and attention.

What is the average conversion rate of my checkouts?

What to do next: Use your average conversion rate as a benchmark to compare all checkout performance against, and get an overall feel for your audience’s eagerness to buy from you.

What is the conversion rate of each of my forms?

What to do next: Find out which forms are performing the best. To boost conversions and get more subscribers, create more forms (or update your existing forms) to look more like your top performers.

What content do my subscribers like most?

Flodesk performance by email example

What to do next: Sort by click rate to see what gets your subscribers clicking. Create more emails with content your audience likes, so your emails actually get read.

Other powerful features you won’t want to miss

  • Click on any column of a bar chart to zoom in and take a closer look at the details contained within
  • Select which unit you’d like to view your bar chart data in (days, weeks, months, or years) and select a custom timeframe
  • Click the toggle on your bar chart to switch between a high-level overview of the data and data broken down by subgroup
  • View the activity of a specific item of a bar chart by simply clicking other items in the legend to turn them off
  • Click the top of any column of a table to sort the data by that metric

Get insights to grow your business in 3 steps:

  1. Head to Flodesk and click on the Analytics tab
  2. Get insights to optimize your email marketing and sales strategy
  3. Make data-driven decisions that move the needle

Start making data-driven decisions to grow your business

Find out how with Flodesk Analytics