TL;DR: Quizzes are a powerhouse for growth—helping you rapidly build your list, segment subscribers, unlock customer insights, and deliver personalized content. Discover why you need one, how to make it, and some quiz-spiration to get started.

Preparing for the holiday sales season as an entrepreneur can feel daunting. With countless brands hustling to get their marketing seen ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM), finding ways to stand out has never felt more challenging. 

You need a marketing strategy that can help you cut through the chaos and connect with your audience on a deeper level without gobbling up too much time or resources. The answer? An online quiz.

Quiz what digital products to sell

Quizzes are a simple yet effective way to hit short-term sales goals while deepening your relationships with your audience. Unlike other marketing tools, a quiz invites your audience to engage with your brand in a fun, interactive way—all while growing your list, serving your community, and giving you valuable insight into your target audience.

While quizzes are an excellent tool for evergreen growth, they’re ultra-powerful for launches and the holiday sales season. Why? Because you can share them on repeat without your audience ever feeling like you’re selling to them. Best of all, they arm you with everything you need to connect individuals with their ideal products or services, provide further information, and guide them toward a sale.

Learn more about why your business needs a quiz ahead of holiday sales, quiz essentials and the different types you can make, and how to create yours.

Connect Flodesk to Interact and turn quiz-takers into customers

Engage your audience, build your list, and sell online with marketing tools that seamlessly work together to grow your business.

Quizzes: The ultimate way to engage, grow, and sell

Humans are innately curious—we love learning more about ourselves. Quizzes pique our natural curiosity, which is why they’re such a powerful tool for business growth. Their interactive and personalized nature makes people more likely to engage with them than other marketing content. And if participants enjoy a quiz or find the topic entertaining, they’ll share their results and encourage friends to take the quiz, too.

Tools like Interact make it easy to create a high-converting quiz in minutes. And because you can directly connect your Flodesk and Interact accounts, your quiz and email marketing can work together to seamlessly drive you towards your goals—through BFCM and beyond.

Why you should create a quiz right now

Quizzes are an incredibly effective list-building tool with added benefits like better engagement, lead nurturing, and sales potential. Here’s why you should consider incorporating one into your marketing strategy:

  • Connect with your audience in a fun, ultra-engaging way.
    Interact quizzes make your audience’s brand journey feel entertaining and refreshingly personal. Entrepreneurs, like Jenna Kutcher, love using Interact to create cosmo-style quizzes that build connections with their audience and personalize their brand journey—offering an info-taining experience from start to finish.
  • Generate quality leads on autopilot.
    According to Interact, on average, 40.1% of quiz takers will convert to leads. Quizzes help generate high-quality leads without you needing to lift a finger. They tend to attract people with a higher level of intent and capture emails from those with a genuine interest in your quiz topic—making them more likely to engage with or buy from you later.
  • Share unique insights and value while warming your audience for sales.
    Quizzes are naturally engaging and interactive, giving your audience a break from the traditional ads bombarding them during the BFCM season. By offering an enjoyable and helpful quiz experience, you can grab potential customers’ attention and keep them engaging with your brand.
  • Automatically segment subscribers.
    Quizzes make it easy (and fun) for individuals to self-segment by choosing options that align with their preferences, interests, or needs. You can automatically segment your audience based on their quiz responses, allowing you to quickly identify leads who might be interested in the kinds of products or services you offer.
  • Effortlessly deliver personalized, relevant content.
    By segmenting your audience based on quiz results, you can tailor every email you send to each segment’s specific interests and needs. Use quiz follow-up emails to continuously nurture them with hyper-relevant content—helping you convert more subscribers into paying customers when BFCM rolls around.
  • Gather valuable insights.
    Aside from capturing emails, quizzes allow you to gather valuable insights about your audience that empower you to refine your brand messaging, strategies, and offerings to meet their demands and needs.
  • Maximize your engagement and viral potential.
    Quizzes are inherently shareable. According to BuzzSumo, the average quiz gets shared a whopping 1,900 times—amplifying your brand’s odds of going viral and bolstering your list growth ahead of BFCM.

Short on time? Create a quiz in 2 minutes with InteractAI

Interact recently launched a new AI tool that creates a custom quiz in minutes by pulling information from your website or URL to match your brand’s voice and style so that the content feels like you created it. To create a quiz with InteractAI, all you need to do is:

  • Input your website or any URL
  • Share a sentence or two about what your business does and the most common problem you help solve
  • Choose from InteractAI’s top quiz title recommendations
  • Decide what you want your quiz to do
  • Select the number of questions you’d like to include
  • Specify the topics or audience you want your quiz to address

And that’s it! In just a few clicks, you’ll have a unique, high-quality quiz that’s ready to share. Try creating a quiz with InteractAI.

Quiz essentials to convert more customers—with hot tips from Interact’s CEO

Creating an effective quiz for your business requires careful planning, intention, and execution. As you’re mapping out your quiz, there are five essential elements you need to include:

1. An irresistible topic

First, choose an enticing quiz topic that will hook your audience by answering questions like:

  • What do I want to achieve?
  • Who do I want to attract?
  • What questions do customers ask me all the time? 
  • What kind of solutions are they looking for?

Start by making a list of all the questions you know that your ideal customers are asking themselves. Then, ideate on quiz topics that answer those questions and position you as an expert while tying back to what your brand offers.

What's your purpose Interact quiz

2. Valuable quiz results

Before you create any questions for your quiz, get super clear on your quiz results. Create results that provide your audience entertainment or genuine value—like personality insights, product or service recommendations, and actionable tips—while sticking to your core brand identity.

For example, say you’re a coach who wants to create a personality quiz. You can’t possibly create results that speak to every kind of personality out there. But you can focus on 4-5 personalities that match the kind of people you typically work with who you can best serve with your offers.

Whatever results you create should feel informative (and fun!) while subtly weaving your brand in as the solution to participants’ problems. We recommend choosing between 3-6 different results to avoid confusing your audience or overwhelming your quiz.

3. Insightful quiz questions

Did you know that every single question you include in your quiz can provide you with valuable insights about your audience’s desires and needs? When individuals take your quiz, they’re actively and intentionally sharing their personal data with you—giving you everything you need to tailor your offers and messaging to their preferences.

Be strategic about the questions you choose to include (or disclude) throughout the quiz. Interact’s CEO, Josh Haynam, says, “Include questions that build trust and show your deep understanding of customers.”

And if you’re unsure what specific questions to ask your audience, you can leverage Interact’s new AI Question Generator to create the best quiz questions.

Life coach Interact quiz questions

4. A captivating title and description

Lead with an attention-grabbing title that piques your target audience’s curiosity and entices them to engage instantly. Josh recommends crafting quiz titles that address your customers’ core questions or problems.

Here are some examples of ultra-enticing quiz titles for inspiration:

  • What’s your selling personality?
  • Discover your email writing style
  • Is your money mindset working for you?
  • Unlock the secrets of your brand archetype
  • What’s your brand photography style?
  • What’s your marketing spirit animal?

Next, write a short description that shares more about your quiz and what they’ll learn by the end. Tease key details, like how long the quiz will take, how many questions it has, or what kinds of results there are. 

For some extra quiz title ideas and inspiration, try Interact’s new AI title generator to easily create and choose your quiz topic and title.

Whats your writing style Interact quiz

5. A follow-up email sequence

Once participants finish your quiz, don’t let the engagement end there. Implement a thoughtfully curated email sequence that continues to provide value and nurture new subscribers with personalized content. By delivering your quiz results through email, you can hyper-personalize the message they receive while making a great first impression in the inbox.

Then, continue engaging with quiz-takers in the days following in a way that feels relevant and genuine—not overly salesy. Create a nurture email sequence that connects the dots between an individual’s quiz results, their interests, and your offerings. 

Workflow analytics

With Flodesk, you can easily design emails people love to get and set up an automated workflow that tailors the experience for every subscriber. Add action and exit steps to nurture on autopilot, seamlessly leading new subscribers through a personalized journey.

For example, a follow-up email sequence for your quiz may look something like this:

  • Email 1: Deliver quiz results
  • Email 2: Tips, resources, or content related to quiz results
  • Email 3: Introduce yourself and share a relevant story
  • Email 4: Highlight social proof, like a case study or testimonial
  • Email 5: Promote an exclusive paid offer or discount 

3 Brilliant quiz examples to inspire yours

1. The personality quiz

As humans, we’re hardwired to constantly seek a deeper understanding of who we are, making personality quizzes extremely popular. This quiz style helps individuals gain insights into their personal traits, characteristics, and preferences.

Jenna Kutcher, a Flodesk member and Interact user, hooks her audience with a personality quiz that unveils their “secret sauce.” The quiz title is simple yet compelling, instantly piquing website visitors’ curiosity.

Jenna Kutchers Quiz

A short descriptor backed by an irresistible CTA has helped drive over 100,000 people to “Take the quiz” and join her email list. By the end, quiz-takers walk away with helpful insights about themselves, and Jenna gains a deeper understanding of her audience. It’s a win-win.

2. The product or service recommendation quiz

These quizzes do exactly what you’d expect: recommend products or services. You can help your audience overcome decision paralysis by giving them personalized recommendations that are relevant to your offerings based on their quiz responses.

Savvy Leigh Photography quiz example

Flodesk member, Savannah of Savvy Leigh Photography, uses a recommendation-style Interact quiz to provide value and gain more wedding photography clients.

She says, “Quizzes let me showcase my expertise, learn more about my audience in an automated way, and help potential clients connect and interact with my business. Because I can create multiple results for my quiz, I’m able to provide legitimately helpful, custom advice that feels tailored to the quiz-taker. This lets me build trust with them before they even reach out to me—they feel like we know each other.”

Savvy Leigh Photography quiz question example

Her quiz titled “What wedding theme suits you?” provides helpful recommendations based on participants’ preferences while narrowing in on what prospective customers are looking for in their wedding photography. These insights allow her to follow up with relevant photo packages and personalized messages, seamlessly converting new subscribers into paying customers. 

Savannah adds, “My quiz lets me qualify leads and build trust with my audience. Since my quiz provides information on how to dress for engagement photos, I know everyone filling out my quiz is engaged but hasn’t booked their wedding photographer yet. So I know it’s likely that each person going through my quiz is in my target audience and is probably at the stage where they’re looking for my services.” 

3. The self-assessment quiz

Self-assessment quizzes help individuals reflect on their life, goals, or habits. They can provide personalized resources or guidance for self-improvement, arming quiz-takers with actionable next steps. 

Astrologist, Brand Designer, and owner of Square Peg Studio, Kelli Preston, uses a fun self-assessment quiz to grow her email list.

Square Peg Studio quiz example

She says, “I created a quiz because I witnessed how much I liked taking them,” adding, “Most people have enough to do already, so creating something of value like a quiz that didn’t require them to do anything beyond taking a quiz felt like something I wanted.”

Unlike other opt-in freebies, quizzes have the potential to drive exponentially more engagement. Kelli says, “I’ve been in business for ten years and have had a lot of different lead magnets. My quiz has been around for a little over a year now and has brought in more leads organically than any of my other lead magnets combined.”

Square Peg Studio quiz question example

How to create an Interact quiz and connect it to Flodesk

No matter your goal or industry, an Interact quiz can help you grow your list, unlock powerful insights, and start nurturing prospective customers just in time for holiday sales. Here’s how to make yours and integrate it directly with your Flodesk account.

1. Choose a template for your goal

To increase leads for an existing offer or build anticipation for a new one, you can explore Interact’s range of quiz templates for every industry, topic, or audience.  Choose the template that best aligns with your goal and use it as a starting point, or create your own from scratch. 

If you’re not sure where to start, you can use Interact’s AI to create a custom done-for-you quiz. The sky’s the limit!

2. Style your quiz to match your brand perfectly

Customize every aspect of your quiz for a brilliantly branded experience—from your logo, colors, and fonts to your links and images. 

3. Integrate it with Flodesk

As you’re growing your audience with a quiz, send your list personalized, beautiful emails with Flodesk. Instead of manually uploading CSV files to your Flodesk account or using apps like Zapier and Pabbly Connect, you can directly connect your Flodesk account to Interact in minutes so your list-building and email-nurturing tools automatically work together. 

Integrate your accounts and set up an automation to automatically add every new Interact lead you get through your quiz to your Flodesk segments. Learn how.

4. Embed it on your website

Once your quiz is ready for publishing, you can embed it anywhere you like—your website popup, header, footer, page blocks, call-to-action buttons. You name it. Interact makes it easy to copy and paste embed code into your website and start generating leads instantly.

No website? No problem. You can fully host your quiz on Interact. Just hit publish and share, anywhere.

5. Share it here, there, and everywhere

Start promoting your quiz across your brand touchpoints—on your website, Flodesk Link in bio, and through your social posts. Remember, quizzes are inherently shareable, so explore ways to get yours in front of more eyeballs and make the content extra intriguing.

Connect Flodesk to Interact and turn quiz-takers into customers

Engage your audience, build your list, and sell online with marketing tools that seamlessly work together to grow your business.

Let’s get down to quizness. Fuel your email marketing with an Interact quiz

There’s never been a better time to amplify your marketing efforts with a quiz ahead of holiday sales. Transform your expertise into an irresistible lead magnet your audience can’t wait to experience (and share) with an Interact quiz. As you grow, continue to nurture and sell with beautifully branded emails that feel refreshingly personal. There’s no stopping what you can create.

Try the Flodesk and Interact direct integration and experience the difference it makes for your business.