TL;DR: Meet Becca Luna and Willow Kaii, the creative duo behind Becca Luna Education. Discover their go-to tactics for maximizing sales and scaling to seven-figure success.

Becca Luna Education helps creatives become successful web designers. Co-owners and educators, Becca Luna and Willow Kaii, share their wealth of web experience and knowledge through courses for students at every stage—whether just starting, growing, or scaling their web design businesses. 

Becca and Willow

The two began using Flodesk early in their business journey and attribute its tools as an integral part of their business growth. Willow says, “If you’re a small business service provider selling digital products, Flodesk has all the tools you need.” 

Learn how they’ve used Flodesk to maximize their growth (and sales!), plus their top tips for scaling your business with email.

From high school drop-out to creative multi-millionaire

Becca Luna fiercely believes that creative businesses can be both passion-filled and profitable. After dropping out of high school to pursue a freedom-filled nomadic lifestyle, she discovered the world of entrepreneurship. Now, Becca’s a self-made web designer specializing in ShowIt websites and is renowned for her wildly successful Website In a Day offer—an exclusive service that delivers custom web pages, branding, templates, and helpful how-to videos within one day. While she’s still a practicing web designer, her primary focus is educating aspiring designers through Becca Luna Education.

Becca Luna Education

Becca and Willow work together to teach a fusion of web design and how to build a business, offering students the exact insights, templates, and step-by-step frameworks they’ve used on their own path to success. Programs aim to transform individuals into successful web designers within two months or less by showing them how to harness the power of personal branding, acquire essential design skills, and incorporate commercial-level techniques. Willow emphasizes their commitment to empowering students at various skill levels—from beginners to advanced designers.

Early in their business journey, Becca and Willow sought a reliable platform that could handle their growing subscriber base and deliver engaging educational content effectively. Their previous email marketing tool fell short, limiting their design capabilities and providing lackluster results. 

Flodesk to the rescue: Stunning emails for transformative growth

As a Web Designer, Becca naturally gravitates toward tools that fuse beauty, design, and ease of use, like ShowIt and Canva—making Flodesk the obvious email solution for their small business. The customizable templates, mobile optimization, and user-friendly interface were key factors that attracted her to the platform.

“Flodesk was one of the first subscriptions I ever bought when I started my business,” Becca recalls. “We’d never experienced an email platform that could create such visuals.”

Flodesk allows creatives and entrepreneurs alike to create gorgeous designs with minimal effort. With a library full of inspirational templates to choose from and countless customization features, there’s no stopping what you can do. Becca says, “Flodesk is the Canva of email. It gets me actually excited to get in there, design something, and send it out to my audience,” adding, “If it can make my life easier, I’ll save time, money, and deliver something quicker and way more beautifully than coding something elsewhere.” 

Building brilliant emails takes Becca Luna Education’s team less than 20 minutes to do. “It doesn’t need to be hard—it’s so easy to create beautiful designs you can be proud of that will actually make you money and drive your goals forward.”

The Black Friday email that made $60K in sales

One of the biggest differences the duo has experienced since joining Flodesk is the amount of sales they’re able to make through email now. Willow says their highest sales days often occur when they send Flodesk emails—with a single Black Friday email generating $60,000 in sales.

But how? By leveraging the power of:

  • An enticing subject line that boosts email opens (“THE BIGGEST SALE WE’VE EVER DONE IS HERE!”)
  • Beautiful, minimalist design with to-the-point messaging
  • An engaging motion graphic, front and center
  • Direct calls-to-action that drive urgency with phrases like “Sale ends November 28th”

Flodesk has everything you need to maximize sales all year long. The most customizable countdown timers on the market, e-commerce blocks to transform your emails into a virtual storefront, and professionally designed email templates to help you make sales for whatever you’re selling—all at one flat rate. Ready for bigger and bolder year-end sales? Start designing. 

Success by the numbers

Becca and Willow Success

Flodesk arms Becca and Willow with powerful tools and full creative freedom, helping them achieve multi-million dollar success. The intuitive visual builder and customization capabilities make it easy to design emails that stand out in a crowded inbox, contributing to higher open and click-through rates than other platforms. 

They say they typically make the most sales when they send Flodesk emails, with one Black Friday send making over $60,000.

Becca Luna Education success metrics

Bonus tips: How to grow and scale with email

Experiment with Becca and Willow’s top five tips for growing and scaling your business with email—no matter your industry or starting point. Put these tactics to the test and discover what you can do with Flodesk. 

1. Create a juicy freebie offer that appeals to a wide audience. Include a *wow factor* to attract a crowd, then refine the audience once they’re on your list (or better yet, segment from the start with Form Preferences. Learn how).

Becca and Willow’s business rapidly grew when they began turning social followers into subscribers by promoting freebies through a Flodesk Link in bio—a powerful list-building tool that captures email addresses right from your social profile (Create your own—completely free)

Becca Luna form example

They use social platforms, like TikTok, to share videos that encourage viewers to “subscribe now” to gain access to valuable freebies. Willow once gained 7,000 subscribers in just 48 hours from one TikTok video linking to a freebie. They also continuously drive traffic to their landing page forms through Pinterest pins, instantly converting pinners into potential customers. Becca explains, “We now have a substantial list that we use for sales, promotion, and nurturing.”

2. Use engaging subject lines. Make people feel like they need to open your emails by creating enticing subject lines that pique your audience’s curiosity. Get started with our top examples and tips for writing irresistible subject lines.

3. Prioritize value and education over promotion. Always. Don’t focus too heavily on sales—focus on who’s reading your emails, what they need, and how you can help. To succeed, you need to balance selling with value.

4. Get creative with motion graphics. Boost your email engagement by adding videos or gifs to your designs. With Flodesk, you can add free Giphy videos and Unsplash images right within the builder—no third-party tools necessary. You can also use the video block to add hyperlinks and preview images of your YouTube or Vimeo content within emails.

5. Stay connected to your subscribers by engaging them every week. Consistently nurturing your list can double your sales potential. Have questions about email nurturing? Get answers to all of them.

Design emails people love to get

Beautiful emails. As easy as it gets. Discover why beginners and experts alike love growing their business with Flodesk.

An email marketing powerhouse at your fingertips

Flodesk offers intuitive tools and features to help you grow, nurture, and monetize your list while staying beautifully on-brand. The user-friendly builder, stunning templates, and powerful features make scaling your business simple to do. See why creatives and entrepreneurs alike love using Flodesk to grow their businesses. Design your next email.

Explore Becca Luna Education’s website or follow them on TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest: @iambeccaluna