TL;DR: Meet Cynthia Samanian of Culinary Creator Business School, the Harvard grad teaching chefs how to expand their businesses online. See how she uses Flodesk for her students.

Culinary Creator Business School empowers chefs to bring the joy of cooking and nostalgic childhood meals to home cooks everywhere. Its signature coaching program opens the doors to what’s possible for culinary professionals who want to teach online cooking courses and grow their business in and out of the kitchen. 

Decorated bakers, sous chefs at 5-star restaurants and bustling cafe cooks all cultivate their dreams to have more freedom and flexibility by expanding their businesses online at the Culinary Creator Business School.

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For the love of food

Food has always been the backdrop for family gatherings from Culinary Creator Business School creator Cynthia Samanian. It has played a starring role since childhood, whether it was her father’s famous taco night or trying new recipes from the Food Network.

But it wasn’t until she was out on her own, living in the suburbs of Connecticut, that Cynthia realized something: food facilitated get-togethers with friends and family and built community. But despite her love of food and family gatherings, Cynthia lacked the confidence to invite people over to try her food. 

As someone whose youth centered around the dinner table, she knew she wanted to create memories built on food, family and good times.

She kept cooking, building her confidence until she felt comfortable inviting family and friends over to enjoy a meal, share stories, fill an empty home and enjoy that nostalgic community vibe she felt growing up around the dinner table. These get-togethers were the launchpad for her career in food.

A serial entrepreneur on a mission

Like many entrepreneurs, Cynthia started with a few businesses that all led her to Culinary Creator Business School. And like many entrepreneurs, she also started young. 

Her mother taught her how to press flowers and make potpourri to sell around the neighborhood. Cynthia loved it so much that it sparked her passion for business—the limitless opportunities to earn, total control and no boss.

She knew she wanted to run her own business and help people. One of her proudest achievements is remaining true to herself after she graduated from Harvard. She earned her MBA, and instead of going into finance or law or caving to peer pressure, she stayed the course and followed her passion for helping people and making an impact.

Cynthia is now on a mission to empower chefs to expand their businesses outside the kitchen, achieve the freedom and flexibility they’re looking for and share their talents with others.

From events to cooking: A natural transition

Cynthia wanted to attend culinary school but founded her first business instead. It was a food media company focused on inspiring millennials to host dinner parties using simple recipes. Again, a food-focused business. Why? Cynthia had to do something she loved—it was non-negotiable.

As the business became more cash-intensive, she explored other options and transformed her first business into a second, focusing on events. Life has a funny way of course correcting, and when the COVID pandemic hit, Cynthia once again had to transform her business.

Thanks to the pandemic, Cynthia could no longer do events. So, she did what any good entrepreneur does: she pivoted. Cynthia created an online course for planning events for food brands but noticed that the people signing up were chefs. She began tailoring content for chefs, and Culinary Creator Business School was born.

A world of possibilities

Culinary Creator Business School is on a mission to give professional chefs the freedom to earn money how they want. Cynthia teaches chefs how to take their business out of the kitchen and into the world wide web by offering online cooking classes for home chefs or corporate team-building events. 

It helps chefs see the possibilities and instills the confidence to build their online culinary business. Often, her students want to scale back their time at the restaurant and focus more on the online channel or other business ventures. Culinary Creator Business School makes that possible.

Culinary Creator Business School and Flodesk

Cynthia is all about her students. She wants them to excel and is particular about the tools she suggests they use. After all, if they can’t trust her to guide them with the proper tools, how can they trust her with their business? She takes the time to find the right tools to ensure her students’ success.

And what better way to drive course registrations and encourage engagement than by building your email list? Culinary Creator Business School students don’t usually have an email list or are too overwhelmed by the technology to get started. 

Cynthia takes this opportunity to educate them on the value of a good email list and sets each student up in Flodesk. Here are a few reasons she uses Flodesk for her students (and why she loves it for herself):

  1. Even students who aren’t tech savvy can easily navigate Flodesk.

  2. It’s one of the easiest platforms to use, whether you’re a beginner or a pro—a great user experience.

  3. It has beautiful templates that make any email look professional and polished.

  4. Her students can make it their own by using custom logos, colors and more.

Flodesk is Culinary Creator Business School’s go-to for all things email marketing. It’s how students create a beautifully branded experience that allows them to grow their online businesses.

Who wants to cook?

Cooking builds community. Cooking brings families together. Cooking makes memories. All of that is why Cynthia founded Culinary Creator Business School. So, if you’re a chef wanting to give the gift of cooking to home chefs across the globe, check it out.

And if you want to grow your online cooking business or engage with home chefs regularly, sign up for a free 30-day trial with Flodesk. We make creating stunning emails almost as easy as you make cooking look.