TL;DR: Meet Anna and Jesús Núñez, the husband and wife creative duo behind Chez Núñez. See how they use Flodesk to engage their audience and grow their list.

Chez Núñez

Chez Núñez is a branding experience, complete with Lightroom presets, fonts, graphics, courses and dozens of free resources that inspire and empower artists and creative entrepreneurs to elevate their brands. Founded and run by a husband and wife duo, Chez Núñez is the result of two dreamers and creators coming together to offer artists the branding products and education they need to build beautiful brands.

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From honeymoon curiosity to a full-on branding business

While enjoying their honeymoon in Montreal, Anna couldn’t help but wonder about the restaurant across from their hotel—Chez Jose. French for “the place of,” chez perfectly captured Jesús and Anna’s warm and welcoming personalities and inspired their joint branding business. 

They began working as a husband and wife team shortly after that, bringing their passion and talents together to found Chez Núñez.

Meet Anna and Jesús

Meet Chez Núñez founders Jesús and Anna

Like many creative entrepreneurs, Anna started her career as a freelancer looking for more freedom and flexibility. In college, she worked one-on-one with creatives, providing branding services to elevate their brands. Jesús worked in real estate but happily helped Anna tweak her process and gave her the idea that acted as the launchpad for Chez Núñez.

Jesús wanted to help Anna move from one-on-one client work to a more scalable and sustainable way of life, which initially meant selling Lightroom presets and less client work. They had their lightbulb moment, recognizing that they could merge their talents to support artists with digital products and branding education to help them make their brands shine.

As artists themselves—Anna a painter, and Jesús a musician—both are passionate about the arts and fellow artists. What better way to put that passion into practice than by creating a business dedicated to their success?

Supporting artists through powerful branding

Chez Núñez is the result of Jesús and Anna’s unwavering passion. They are on a mission to inspire and equip artists with everything they need to be successful, far beyond starving artists. 

Jesús and Anna want to make an impact, whether that means giving artists the confidence to share their work, see the value in what they do or build a beautiful brand. Their philosophy centers on educating artists on branding fundamentals, which allows artists to evolve and have the lasting knowledge to rebrand as needed.

Chez Núñez makes it possible for artists to thrive by offering free resources, products and courses—and Anna and Jesús even gave us a few tips. So, if you’re rebranding or building your brand, listen up!

  1. Just get it done. We are so often stuck because we don’t want anything to go out that isn’t perfect, but this can be our Achilles heel, holding us back from ever putting our work out there. Anna and Jesús suggest we just do it, get comfortable with imperfection and recognize that our brands will evolve with time.

  2. Know your audience. Who are you speaking to? What’s important to them? Knowing your audience can help guide your creative decisions and ensure you’re providing high-value and relevant content to your audience. For example, if you’re a painter and your audience is largely watercolor artists, you likely want to tailor your content to the best watercolor paints, watercolor techniques and more.

  3. Be consistent, but make it sustainable. When Anna and Jesús started, they were so excited about email marketing, but they created a sustainable plan to ensure success. They decided to send one email a month on the first of the month and have remained consistent ever since.

    Chez Núñez emails are valuable and tailored to their audience—offering freebies, behind-the-scenes photos, inspiring Spotify playlists and anything else that provides value to their subscribers.

  4. Don’t build your house on rented land. In the ever-changing world of social media, you must be on top of the algorithm and the trends to ensure your audience actually sees your content. But with email marketing, you don’t have to worry about all that.

    Anna and Jesús likened it to building your dream house on rented land. Why do that when you can construct it on land you own? They suggest being intentional about where you establish yourself online—and that should include email marketing.

Anna and Jesús are more than just talk. They create dozens of beautiful emails in Flodesk (the land they own), and this might be one of my favorites.

View this beautiful email in full by clicking on the image

Chez Núñez and Flodesk

Anna and Jesús have always been fans of email marketing, but as branding educators, they particularly love that they can create beautiful branded emails with Flodesk. And with list growth of 1,514.29%, we understand why! Looking for that kind of growth too? Here’s how they use Flodesk to grow their list:

1. They send regular communications to their community—a monthly newsletter that goes out on the first of every month (for three years now). I love how jam-packed this one is with helpful tips and updates.

We love this email! View the whole thing by clicking on the image

2. They use Flodesk forms like this one on their site to offer free downloads (in exchange for email addresses), discount codes and more.

3. They provide real value to their subscribers and get into the minds of their audience: What would we want to get in our inbox?

4. They set expectations with their subscribers and deliver on their promises. Subscribers receive consistent communication that provides the value they promised.

While Chez Núñez is no longer new to email marketing, both Anna and Jesús agree that Flodesk took the intimidation out of email marketing when they first started and gave them the confidence to just do it. And the stunning templates that let them put their beautiful brand on display didn’t hurt either.

Are you ready to brand yourself?

Chez Núñez truly is where creatives go to brand themselves and finally share their work with the world. Curious about branding or looking to brand your business? Chez Núñez offers resources like their Branding Blueprint course or their free Progress Over Perfection Free Mini-Course, running from August 30 through September 13.

And, of course, they used a Flodesk form to encourage subscribers to sign up for their course.

And if you’re ready to grow your list and present your brand to the world, sign up for a free 30-day trial with Flodesk and start creating beautiful emails.