TL;DR: Meet Alex Pass, founder of Snack Paper and Flodesk employee. See how he uses Flodesk to connect with his subscribers.

Snack Paper

Snack Paper

Snack Paper is a black and queer-owned greeting card company that brings together nostalgia and a passion for snacks in cheeky, retro cards that use food photography to feed your soul. Even with his full-time job, Snack Paper founder Alex Pass still manages to do it all–from photographing real food in his home studio to printing and shipping the cards and photography prints to all things marketing.

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“Food” that feeds the soul

Flodesk member spotlight

Meet Snack Paper founder Alex Pass

Alex is always ready for snack time and can devour a pack of Swedish Fish or Oreos in minutes. He’s also a creative at heart, going so far as to teach himself food photography. So when he wanted to get back to his creative roots in 2019, pairing his two passions just made sense. 

More than that, Alex wanted to recreate what he felt when he visited his family–that warm feeling of nostalgia. After a long conversation with his dad about not giving up on his dreams and showing the world his talents, Alex returned to his home in New York City and honored his father’s wishes. Snack Paper was born.

Alex built his business from the ground up, admitting he had no idea what he was doing at first but soon figured it out. He created a brand, taught himself photography and learned the ins and outs of running a business. He now has complete control of the creative direction and business strategy (both of which have been a priority for him as he continues to grow Snack Paper).

While he keeps himself busy running Snack Paper, Alex also works on our Member Experience team. When we came across Alex, we knew we couldn’t miss an opportunity to have him on our team. More than half of our employees have a side hustle or business; many were Flodesk members before joining the team, including Alex. 

He now works full-time here and puts his entrepreneurial spirit to good use running Snack Paper. And yes, he uses Flodesk to power his email marketing.

An email marketing dream team

Alex heard about Flodesk from other stationery companies and makers on Instagram. He checked out our website and immediately fell in love. He quickly switched over from his previous email service provider.

Alex now powers his email marketing using Flodesk forms, workflows and emails. Here’s how.

  • He uses forms to create ribbon banners, pop-ups and in-line forms on his website. Alex also uses full-page forms on his Instagram Linktree and Etsy page. He knows what pages are high-converting and strategically placed his lead magnets there to collect subscribers and grow his list. 
  • He uses workflows to welcome his new subscribers and share the story behind Snack Paper. Alex has three different audiences, and the workflows he has set up address each audience for a more personalized experience. 
  • He uses email to engage and nurture his subscribers with holiday and sales emails, new product launches, the launch of his wholesale program and more. Like any good marketer, Alex also uses segments to ensure he’s sending the right content to the right people. Personalization is essential, and making sure you’re sending relevant content to each audience group is a great way to do that.

“Whatever your SMB, you have a place at Flodesk. You can customize it to fit your brand.” – Alex Pass

As a self-proclaimed design nerd, aesthetics are everything to Alex. He loves creating branded emails in Flodesk that showcase Snack Paper’s personality and the flexibility to design something unique. “Whatever your SMB, you have a place at Flodesk. You can customize it to fit your brand,” said Alex, highlighting how important it is to create a consistent experience, from the website to emails and everything in between.

As a small business owner looking to grow, Alex is constantly learning new skills, strategizing based on available information and doing everything he can to power his business. After experimenting with email marketing, he has one big takeaway: Email marketing’s return on investment (ROI) potential is limitless. You need to put the work in and be strategic, but once you do, you’ve got a powerful tool to engage and nurture your subscribers and grow your business.

I couldn’t have said it better myself–email marketing is paramount if you want to grow your small business. So, if you’re ready to build your list or bring in more sales, sign up for a free 30-day trial with Flodesk. And if you want to learn more about Snack Paper, visit