TL;DR: Meet Amanda Burg, the creative genius behind her marketing and branding business, Liberty Type Co. See how she uses Flodesk to grow her list and provide valuable content to her audience and beyond.

Liberty Type Co. is a female-owned branding and marketing powerhouse, delivering clients custom copy, design, and marketing know-how to grow their businesses. But Liberty Type Co. isn’t your run-of-the-mill marketing agency—it’s a business dedicated to serving female creatives and service professionals who want to build their businesses while maintaining a strong focus on family. 

Founded by a mom looking for a creative outlet, Liberty Type Co. employs talented women to help creatives build and execute a brand strategy, including design, copywriting, messaging, website design, and the full spectrum of marketing services.

Get to know Amanda Burg, Liberty Type Co. founder, and our Flodesk “Member to watch!”

Flodesk is a game changer for the email marketing industry

See how Flodesk is helping small business owners grow their lists, audiences, and sales with powerful email marketing and beautiful sales pages.

From breaking news to mom to entrepreneur

After six years of chasing down breaking news stories as a journalist, Amanda traded her badge for motherhood. But like most creatives, she needed an outlet for her creative energy—so she taught herself everything she needed to know about graphic design in her spare time. 

While she never intended to start a real business, Amanda fell in love with graphic design, and she couldn’t help but wonder if this could be a sustainable option for her. Her entrepreneurial spirit kicked in, and she began selling logo designs on Etsy. After a few sales, she had her “Aha!” moment and kept moving forward.

Like many entrepreneurs, she started as a freelancer, but as her skills grew, she pivoted to brand design and realized the dream she never knew she had: to found her branding, design, and marketing agency. She wanted to give women like her the freedom to be moms and business owners without missing school plays or parent-teacher conferences.

And in 2016, Liberty Type Co. was born.

Finding her why

Some people immediately understand their purpose, while others spend a lifetime trying to figure out their why. It’s not uncommon to want some purpose in life, but many of us struggle to find it. And until she started Liberty Type Co., Amanda was one of those people who hadn’t discovered her why yet. 

But after overcoming post-partum anxiety and holding down the home while her husband worked long hours, Amanda slowly discovered her passion and purpose. Her business was her sanity. She would take chunks throughout the day to work on her business, whether she worked while her son napped or her kids were on a playdate. 

Liberty Type Co. became the creative outlet she so desperately needed. 

It was also her why. When Amanda first became a mother, she set expectations based on what everyone else said about motherhood. No one told her how hard it can be to get used to and that it is possible to work and still be a great mom.

She had to deal with the negative stigma of mothers focusing on something outside their kids. But she also met many other women like her—women who wanted something more than playdates, motherhood, and school sports. Her purpose was to help moms like her who wanted more from life than motherhood only, guilt-free.

After founding her business in 2016, Amanda sought out moms who wanted the flexibility to work during naptimes or between school dropoffs and pickups but weren’t looking to start their own full-time business. She wanted to give them the opportunity she didn’t have but wishes she did: to work and be a great mom by working the hours that let them do both.

Liberty Type Co. recognizes that being a mom is a lot. But now that Amanda knows her why, she’s not backing down. She employs three moms and guides her business based on the idea that you can work and still attend school plays, sporting events, and more. 

She is a mom employing moms, but Amanda has taken her mission further: her clients are women starting businesses to gain more freedom and flexibility. From who she hires to who she works with, Amanda always keeps her why in mind.

Flodesk is a game changer for the email marketing industry

See how Flodesk is helping small business owners grow their lists, audiences, and sales with powerful email marketing and beautiful sales pages.

Supporting moms through beautiful branding and design

Liberty Type Co. is on a mission to give moms the balance they want and need to run their businesses without missing a beat with their families. Known for its beautiful designs and strategic branding, Liberty Type Co. helps build and grow businesses through powerful copywriting, its signature designs, beautiful branding, and newly-launched marketing services.

After reflecting on how to offer her clients the best possible experience, Amanda realized that the branding vision was lost when clients had to go to multiple places for services Liberty Type Co. didn’t offer. She added marketing services so clients could get everything they needed all in one place.

Now, Liberty Type Co. proudly provides (in addition to branding and design) copywriting, email marketing, blog writing, and social media offerings to create a full-service experience for its clients. But Amanda wants her clients to be truly successful, so she also provides strategic solutions that ensure growth now and into the future. Some of her top tips are to:

  1. Stay consistent. Once you establish your presence, stay in it for the long run. It’s easy to get bored or overwhelmed after a few weeks, but remain consistent, so you’re top of mind for your audience, and they start to recognize you from repeated exposure to your brand or content.

  2. Stop changing it up. Pick a cohesive look and stick with it. You can always rebrand later, but if you’re constantly changing your look or feel, your audience won’t remember you because you make sweeping changes too often.

  3. Fail fast and hard. It’s okay to fail but do it early on, learn from your mistakes, and try something different. And make your biggest mistakes early on and then move on. Dwelling on your failures can stall any progress in growing your brand.

  4. Stay focused. Stop comparing yourself to others or letting distractions take you from building your business. You’ll never make progress if you’re always trying to compare to others or get stuck in analysis paralysis.

  5. Persevere. Don’t give up when things get hard or you come across a roadblock. Find ways to make your business work and get creative with solutions to unique problems. Use all the resources around you.

Liberty Type Co. and Flodesk

As a branding, marketing, and design agency, it makes sense that Liberty Type Co. uses Flodesk for its clients to ensure a pristine branding experience across all channels. 

Amanda works hard to create a cohesive brand for clients, but she realized that the beautiful brands Liberty Type Co. built fell apart when clients started using email marketing. So, she started using Flodesk for her clients to keep everything beautiful and on-brand. But she also uses Flodesk for Liberty Type Co. to grow her business and build a community. Amanda loves:

  • How easy Flodesk is to use. It’s user-friendly and intuitive. There’s a minimal learning curve for both her and her clients.

  • How cutting-edge Flodesk is. Flodesk is always adding features and updates to our platform to make it better for our members.

  • How beautiful Flodesk templates are. Design is a vital part of Liberty Type Co., so having access to a dozen pre-built email templates and even more blocks to build fully-customizable emails.

Growing her list and her community

Since becoming a Flodesk member in 2019, Amanda (and Liberty Type Co.) has successfully grown her email list by 630%. But how? Amanda is all about providing value to any- and everyone she can, which builds her credibility and entices people to subscribe to her list. 

She builds her list by getting in front of other people’s audiences and offering free training, website audits, and more:

  • She’s a guest on podcasts

  • She teaches someone’s Facebook group something for free, like what you need to include on
    your website homepage

  • She builds genuine connections with communities everywhere

  • She uses her Flodesk opt-in forms for simple sign-ups

Flodesk and you

Are you ready to grow your list like Liberty Type Co.? Or maybe you want to keep your audience engaged with weekly or monthly emails? Play around with email templates, build opt-in forms, and steadily grow your list with Flodesk. You can try it all free for 30 days. We can’t wait to see what you create!