TL;DR: We sat down with Jessie May Wolfe, founder of the HeartRise Movement, to discuss how to remove energy blocks and plug into our hearts so we can better connect with ourselves—and our businesses. Keep reading to see how.

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Meet Jessie May

Jessie May Wolfe is the founder of the HeartRise Movement, where she empowers creatives, entrepreneurs, and teams globally to connect to the wisdom of the heart. She has worn many hats, from creative to entrepreneur to coach, but Jessie May finally settled on her business to champion her clients’ dreams.

Now Jessie May is helping people unblock their energy (and emotions) to connect with their hearts. Want to learn how? Keep reading!

And if you want to connect with Jessie May, you can find her on Instagram or her website.

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How do I quiet my mind enough to meditate?

Meditation allows us to plug into our hearts as an energy and power source—it can be a transformative practice, but so many of us struggle with quieting our minds. We tend to hold onto a lot of stuff inside, which creates blocks that make it hard to relax and silence our busy minds. But Jessie May has a few strategies to make the most of your meditations, even with racing thoughts:

  • Focus on getting started instead of being perfect
  • Don’t overanalyze how you feel
  • Use guided meditations that allow you to focus on one thing at a time
  • Harness and cultivate your heart energy and let it support you
  • Lead with your heart instead of your brain—it can help you transform your pain into purpose and move fear into fuel

Meditation is a practice. It takes time to become a meditation master, so be patient with yourself and focus on getting in your flow instead of being perfect.

How do I break through the overwhelm?

Before we can work through that heavy feeling of anxiety or overwhelm, we have to first acknowledge that it exists. After you recognize and accept that you’re feeling overwhelmed, there are a few practices you can implement to help you better work through that feeling in the future.

  • Set the mood for the day. Instead of rolling out of bed and checking your phone first thing, try journaling first. You can unfold your heart on the page to clear the space in your mind and start the day with gratitude and calmness instead of the noise and chaos that often comes from social media.

  • Find your triggers. Do you know what triggers you? When you start feeling overwhelmed, pay attention to what caused it and try to observe your thoughts. Make yourself aware of your thoughts, behaviors, and how you’re feeling. As you identify your triggers, you’ll be better able to prepare and respond to the overwhelm when it hits.

  • Embrace it. We often try to ignore uncomfortable feelings, but Jessie May recommends allowing yourself to feel the overwhelm without overanalyzing your emotions. Don’t block what you need to feel. You can reframe the overwhelm as expansive energy that works for you instead of paralyzing you with anxiety or anything else.

  • Find your heart. Are you leading with your head or your heart? When you’re in your heart, it resonates with confidence and self-trust. You feel in alignment and trust the decisions you make. When you’re in your head, you can feel overwhelmed, overanalyze everything, and start blocking your energy.

  • Do a digital detox. Take time away from social media, even if it’s just five minutes. Allow yourself to just sit with yourself or do a guided meditation that forces you to focus on breathing and clearing your mind of all the energy blocking you or causing those overwhelming feelings.

  • Observe the people around you. The people you hang out with should energize and uplift you. They let off good vibes and make us feel good. But if your group of friends or even family exhaust, stress, or make you feel not great, they might be contributing to your overwhelming thoughts.

I have five minutes—how do I prioritize myself?

Prioritizing yourself can look like many different things—saying no, spa days, a yoga class—but it doesn’t have to take a long time. Jessie May suggests you take just five minutes (at least) to prioritize yourself.

  • Wake up leisurely and avoid grabbing your phone. Just set the tone for the day before jumping into all those emails, social posts, and missed work calls

  • Intentionally schedule time to be around those who uplift and energize you

  • Sit in silence or meditate

  • Journal when you wake up or go to bed, writing about what you’re grateful for, your goals, or how you can feel more connected

  • Practice movements that feel good to you, like yoga or walking

How can I practice the HeartRise method?

The HeartRise four-step method of meditation is rooted in science and can help us activate the intelligence of the human heart. It allows those who practice it to rewire their brains, repurpose emotional blockages, unlead creative vision, and awaken compassionate leadership. 

As you flow through your meditation, repeat the four steps below to center yourself and connect with your heart, so you can deepen the effects of your practice:

  1. With heart vision, I see
  2. With heart focus, I feel
  3. With heart knowing, I’m free
  4. With heart focus, I flow

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