TL;DR: New features are here! Now, there’s even more to love about designing emails in Flodesk—from added colors and customization to layout flexibility and accessibility tags.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there are three little words we thought you’d like to hear: New. Flodesk. Features.

Get ready to design your heart out—and save time doing it. We recently released a series of new features that are sure to make you swoon. Many of these features have been top requests since we started Flodesk, so this felt like the perfect way to say, “We love you.”

Fall in love with all you can do in our improved builder. We can’t wait to see what you create.

Customize your email’s to your heart’s content

Create gorgeous emails, elevate your brand with custom everything, and deliver refreshingly personal messages with Flodesk.

Love to see it: New colors, customization, social icons, and more!

1. Expanded brand colors

Keeping your brand consistent across all touchpoints is super important. Now, you can store up to 10 unique brand colors within your Flodesk account—saving you precious design time and effort so you can focus on the contents of your emails, forms, and sales pages. 

Save up to ten brand colors in your Flodesk account

2. Color picker improvements

To ensure you have full creative freedom to design your creations just the way you like them, we’ve added a brightness slider and eyedropper tool to your color picker palette, giving you more ways to find the perfect color. It’s easy pickings from here on out!

Flodesk's new color picker improvements

Discover what you can do with an even wider array of colors at your fingertips to bring your brand to life, whether you’re crafting an email, setting up a form, or creating a sales page. 

3. Social media icons: new and improved

For years, you’ve been asking for a way to customize the social media icons in your email footer. Now, it’s here. Choose any color you like so your social icons match the rest of your brand’s palette. 

New and improved social media icons in Flodesk

We’ve also added tons of new social media icons so you can incorporate links to all of your favorite brand touchpoints—including your Amazon store, Goodreads, Behance, and many more. Update yours now.

4. Move email blocks with a single click

Adjusting your email blocks within Flodesk just got easier. To help you move blocks in your designs, we’ve implemented a simple yet satisfying feature that shifts email blocks around with just one click—up and down arrows. 

Get lost in a creative flow and build stunning emails in whichever way feels most intuitive to you: with the up and down arrows or our drag-and-drop functionality. The choice is yours. 

Flodesk's new up and down arrows

5. Increased Layout flexibility

It isn’t a stretch to say that we’ve greatly expanded the capacity for content in Layouts. Puns aside, enjoy even more creative freedom with the ability to add more content to your Layout blocks in email. There’s no stopping what you can do.

6. Accessibility tags for images

You can now add alt text to your Flodesk images

In our ongoing commitment to improving the accessibility of your emails, you now have the ability to add alt text to all image blocks, including:

  • Image blocks
  • Layout blocks
  • E-commerce blocks
  • Countdown timer blocks
  • Logo blocks
  • Video blocks

‘Alt text,’ or alternative text, allows you to describe the appearance and function of your email images. It’s useful for readers who might be using assistive technology, like a screen reader, to have your emails read aloud to them. Learn more about how to add alt text in Flodesk here.

7. Multilingual characters for sender names

We’ve enhanced our platform to support a wider range of native language characters in sender names. This improvement ensures that members from all linguistic backgrounds can accurately represent their names. 

Now, you can communicate more authentically with your audience by using a sender name that truly reflects your identity.

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We’re building this for you, with you, always

Every new feature Flodesk releases is the result of member input and feedback. We continually pore over your feature requests and explore ways we can make your experience with our platform more effortless, enjoyable, and empowering. And your designs feel more you.

We can’t wait to see how you use these new features and their impact on your business. Head to your Flodesk account to try them out.