E-commerce email templates

E-commerceemail templates
Simple discount offer
Blogger’s content roundup
Join the waitlist
E-commerce showcase
Simple countdown offer
Simple sale announcement
Educator’s offer
Start from scratchCreate a stunning emailwith the world’s mostintuitive builder
Start here
Start from scratch
Event registration
A personal welcome
Bold sale announcement
Sell your services
Affiliate sales roundup
Offer a coupon code
Influencer's sales email
Invitation to register

How can you customize your ecommerce email template?

1. Choose an ecommerce email templateBrowse our library of ecommerce email templates and pick one that is right for your needs. Preview the template and click “Customize” when you are ready.
2. Log in to your Flodesk account or create one for freeSign in to your account to start editing your template. New to Flodesk? We have you covered. Sign up for a 30-day free trial, no strings attached.
3. Customize your ecommerce emailJump in our intuitive email builder and make the template your own. Add your product details, images, and make it on-brand. Your changes are automatically saved.
4. Start selling to your audienceSend your email to share your products with your subscribers and start selling immediately, or schedule it in a workflow. It’s easy with Flodesk!
What is Flodesk?+
Flodesk makes simple, intuitive software tools to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. You can use it to design and send on-brand marketing emails; sell online with beautiful sales pages, online payments, and instant product delivery—all in one place; publish opt-in forms to grow your list, and build powerful email automations.
Do I need a website to start growing my list and making money?+
You don’t need a website or a complicated setup with other tools to start growing your list, sending emails, and selling online. Flodesk brings you everything you need in one place.
Are there email and sales page templates available?+
Yes! We’ve taken everything we’ve learned from marketing and selling online to create beautiful emails, forms, workflows, and sales page templates that will make it easy to get started and look great on any device. No website required and no need to know how to market or sell.
Does Flodesk have analytics?+
Yes. Each Flodesk Email, Form, Workflow and Checkout you create will track and display relevant analytics, such as open and click rates, subscriber growth, revenue generated, funnel details, total sales, and more.
Does Flodesk Checkout integrate with Flodesk Email?+
Yes. With Flodesk Checkout, everything is connected from the start so you can automatically add customers to your email list, track revenue generated, and create a consistent experience across your email marketing and e-commerce.