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LaShonda, @lashondambrown
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What is an email signup form?+
Email signup forms help you convert followers and website visitors into email subscribers, so you can keep building relationships with them even after they’ve left your profile or webpage.
How do email forms work?+
  1. Pick what kind of form you’d like to use. With Flodesk Forms, you can choose from popups, embedded inline, or fully hosted full page forms.
  2. Customize it to match your brand’s look and feel, hit publish, and share it anywhere—from your website to your favorite social media page.
  3. After someone submits a form, they’re added to a segment of your choosing. (This is the smaller subgroup of subscribers you divide your larger audience into, allowing you to create hyper-personalized emails you know they’ll care about.) You can choose to display a success message or redirect to a URL (like a link to your hosted freebie). You can also create a Workflow to deliver your freebie and add them to your welcome series so they start getting nurtured right away.
How do I get people to subscribe to my mailing list?+
Offering a valuable freebie, or a free resource like a mini ebook, checklist, or template, when people sign up for your mailing list is a powerful way to incentivize people to subscribe. Here are 5 ways to market your freebie to get even more subscribers.
Do I need a website to start using a form to grow my list?+
Not at all. WIth our fully hosted full page forms, you can grab the link and share it anywhere—no website or code required. Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to build an email list without a website.
Where can forms be embedded?+
Forms can be embedded to any website or blog. Here’s how to add an opt-in form to your website.
How do I add a link to my form on my social media profile?+
We love this question because we know you’ll love how easy it is. Just grab the link for your full page form and add it to your link in bio—or anywhere you want!
How can forms help me understand my audience better?+
Preferences on Forms let your subscribers tell you what they want to hear about. It also automatically segments subscribers based on their interests when opting into your list. That way, you can personalize content or email frequency from the start of your subscriber relationship.
What’s included in form analytics?+
See which form gets the most eyeballs, which converts the best, and how all your forms are performing over time.
Are forms included in my subscription? +
Yes, get unlimited forms, unlimited subscribers, unlimited emails, and unlimited automations with the Flodesk Email and Flodesk Everything plans, starting at just $35/month.