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Beginners and experts use Flodesk to send emails people love to get, create high converting checkout pages, and grow their business—all in one place.

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1. Sales Page
2. Checkout
3. Instant Delivery
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emails after purchase.
With Flodesk, everything is connected from the start. 
Deliver a consistent experience and stop juggling separate tools.
Supercharge your sales with an Upsell
Make it easy for customers to find your most relevant offers.
Grow your list with exciting forms
Build workflows in seconds
Build workflows in seconds
Save time and make money while you sleep with powerful automations.
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Win more subscribers and customers by creating stunning, signup-worthy landing pages
Sell a digital product
Sell a digital product
Landing page form
Landing page form
Sell a course
Sell a course
Landing page form
Landing page form
Sell an e-guide
Sell an e-guide
Sell a workshop
Sell a workshop
Landing page form
Landing page form
Sell a course
Sell a course
In a few months of using Flodesk,
Anna and Jesús 
grew their list by:
Yes. You read that correctly.
The world's most intuitive builder
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With Flodesk, you don’t have to upgrade your plan and pay more every time your business grows. Enjoy a flat rate and unlimited usage, forever.
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Most checkout tools take 10-20% of your revenue in platform fees. With Flodesk, keep your hard earned money—only pay the Stripe processing fee.
Unlimited access
Do business on your timeline, not ours. Use all of the Flodesk tools for as long as you need, only pay when you’re ready to publish.
Connect your favorite apps through Zapier or integrate directly with Shopify.
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What is Flodesk?
Flodesk is a digital marketing service provider that’s built for creators, by creators. You can use it to design and send on-brand marketing emails, create high converting sales and checkout pages, publish opt-in forms to grow your list, and build powerful email automations.
Is there a free version of Flodesk?
When you sign up for a free trial of Flodesk, you’ll get 30 days of unrestricted access to everything that Flodesk has to offer—no credit card required. Take your time to try it out and make sure it works for you before subscribing. Need more time? You can continue to use Flodesk tools for as long as you need, only pay when you’re ready to send or publish.
Do I need a website to start growing my list and making money?
You don’t need a website or a complicated setup with other tools to start growing your list, sending emails, and selling and accepting payments online. Flodesk brings you everything you need in one place.
Are there email and sales page templates available?
Yes! We’ve taken everything we’ve learned from marketing and selling online to create beautiful emails, forms, workflows, and sales page templates that will make it easy to get started and will look great on any device. No website required and no need to know how to market or sell.
Does Flodesk have analytics?
Yes. Each Flodesk Email, Form, Workflow and Checkout you create will track and display relevant analytics, such as open and click rates, subscriber growth, revenue generated, funnel details, and total sales.
Does Flodesk Checkout integrate with Flodesk Email?
Yes. With Flodesk, everything is connected from the start so you can automatically add customers to your email list, track revenue generated, automate workflows, and create a consistent experience across your email marketing and e-commerce.
How much is Flodesk per month?
We keep it simple with an affordable flat rate, no tiers, and no platform fees. That means you’ll get unlimited email marketing and ecommerce—yes, unlimited emails, subscribers, sales pages, checkout transactions, upsells, workflows and access to all features forever for $59/month. Looking for just email marketing or just ecommerce? Get started for as little as $35/month. Stop getting penalized for successfully growing your business.
Does Flodesk charge a platform fee on Checkout transactions?
Flodesk does not charge a platform fee on transactions. We believe in creators keeping their hard-earned money. You only pay the 3% + $0.30 Stripe fee on transactions.
Where can I learn more about how to use Flodesk?
Flodesk University is free and has under 10-minute courses on everything from how to get started to email marketing and sales best practices. Learn how to design your first email, embed a form on your website, automate a workflow, and much more.

You can also find step-by-step guides and troubleshooting articles in our Help Center.
Can I contact someone from your team?
Absolutely. We're always here to help. You can get in touch with us at
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